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    Default Shea in fragrances?

    I just bought a body lotion from The Body Shop named Shea, appearently it is a nut that is very common in some african countries. New to me anyway. But it just smells marvelous! Now, does anyone know of a fragrance using this? I actually began thinking about Agatha Brown's Imperial Jade Emperor when smelling this one, but it doesn't list shea butter as one of it's notes.

    But as good as this lotion is smelling, I guess I could just keep rubbing myself in this. It will become expensive in the longrun though

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    Default Re: Shea in fragrances?

    Anytime I think of Shea Butter, I think of a nutty, sweet, vanillic, perhaps cocoa-ey scent. I don't know an exact scent that I've tried smells like this, but the Directory says that Chocolovers by Aquolina might be something looking into or maybe the beloved Angel for Women?

    Hope I could help a little. :-/

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    Default Re: Shea in fragrances?

    Any Shea Butter I have ever smelled (not mixed with anything), I agree with iMaverick, did have a distinctively nuttyish smell. Not sure if I remember the sweet, vanillic, cocoa-ness of it, but...

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    Default Re: Shea in fragrances?

    I have raw shea butter and it has no odor. I've been buying it in huge raw chunks for the past 15 years....
    When its packaged they must add scent to it...

    You can add any fragrance to shea butter to make your own cream of that scent. Its a good carrier since its pretty odorless

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    Default Re: Shea in fragrances?

    I guess Hypnotic Poison is worth to try.

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    Default Re: Shea in fragrances?

    L'Occitane uses shea butter in several of their products.
    Check for more info.
    (not in their EDTs though methinks)

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