Casbah started awkwardly. There was a slight sour or rubber smell, and a little reminder of the orange-colored Jujubes. I thought I was in for a very bad time, but decided to just wait and see. Shortly after that it seemed to disappear completely. I smelled my hand and there was a weak scent there, like a hollow perfume with no character. After more time passed, a very pleasant fragrance drifted past my nose and disappeared. And later more. It was as if it has come back to life, and was putting out intermittent bursts of fragrance. Sort of a spice, softened by floral. Like a woman's scent in some ways, but also unisex. Not what I would call an outstanding fragrance, and I doubt that I will buy this. But I did have fun wearing it, once it got going. And it is not like most others scents I've tested. Notes are: mimosa flowers, black tea, cardamom, Moroccan rose, rosewood, sandalwood, Kashmir spices.