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    Default On buying perfumes/ decants on eBay.

    Does anyone purchase fragrances on eBay?

    I wondered whether anyone had any experience with buying decants from there.
    There seem to be many decants of women's fragrances but not so many men's.

    I was also questioning how reliable the sellers are when it comes to fragrances. I guess on eBay it's sometimes a case of 'you pays yer money you takes yer chances'.
    However I am interested to know if anyone prefers buying perfumes this way instead of shelling out for a whole bottle in a department store.

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    Default Re: On buying perfumes/ decants on eBay.

    There are only a few sellers I'd trust on ebay but if I were you I'd buy decants from people on this board because you'll get them cheaper than ebay and I trust the people on this board more. Theres a few ways you can do this:
    1. Go to the swap board and look through peoples listings
    2. Look up the fragrance you want in the directory (hint: when you use the directory do a search in the top right where it says search rather than in the space where it says "Fragrance Name". For some reason if you do a search in the Fragrance Name line some fragrances like Millesime Imperial don't show up unless you put all the proper accent marks above the letters. I need to ask Grant to change this.) Once you find the fragrance you want go to its page and scroll down to where you see Basenotes Market Place and it will show who has that fragrance on their wishlist, swaplist and who is willing to decant. Pick some of these members and send them a message and most will be happy to help you.
    3. Go to the Fragrances Wanted board and list what what decants you are looking for and other members will see what you want and should send you a message within a few days.

    Welcome to the board and good luck!

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    Default Re: On buying perfumes/ decants on eBay.

    AZsmells - Hi and thank you for the helpful reply.

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    Default Re: On buying perfumes/ decants on eBay.

    Small thread on Ebay sellers

    For decants though, I would just buy from the Sell and Swap section of the forum here. I just use the forum search above in the middle (not the community one) and select just the sell and swap board. Of course, it's also fun just to look at the last week of posts there too.

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    Default Re: On buying perfumes/ decants on eBay.

    Thanks Propaganda13. I will check it out.

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