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    Default Creed Fragrances

    I'm pretty new to fragrances, but I spent a few days navigating this site and decided to drop a few dollars over the last month or so on some scents. Admittedly, I'm a novice to this, but I do have some concerns about the fragrances I bought. Either my smelling skills are not up to snuff or there may be something wrong with the fragrances I purchased.

    I bought a bunch of Creeds. To my nose, GIT smells something like Polo and I don't like it. Erolfa, MI, and SMW all smell pretty similar to me and none of them are nearly as fantastic as I expected. I did purchase Creed's BdP, which seemed distinct from the others and I liked it. I also bought Le Dandy by D'Orsay and I liked that a lot. I also got John Varvatos, which I also liked though I find it has a little too much vanilla on the drydown. Bottom line, with the exception of the BdP, I liked the two other fragrances more than the Creeds. I bought these all at a web site, which was recommended on this site and I assume is a reputable dealer.

    Is it possible the Creeds weren't in top condition or do other people find those fragrances to be similar? Any suggestions? Are there better Creeds with which to start?
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    Default Re: Creed Fragrances

    I wouldn't start with Creed. Just because everyone here talks about Creed doesn't mean you'll like them. I wouldn't go out and buy 5 of them without ever smelling them. If I were you I'd order samples or go to real stores and smell around and see what you like. If you live close to Neiman Marcus they sell Creed. There are so many other great brands out there to try. Le Dandy is actually a great choice. Have you tried Chanel Egosite or Antaeus? Lolita Lempicka for men? Guerlain Vetiver, Heritage or Habit Rouge? There are so many great fragrances and brands to try out.

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    Why don't you try Original Santal and Original Vetiver by Creed? Very appealing scents and provide a smooth entry into the world of niche fragrance. BdP is phenomenal, IMO. Good thing you can appreciate and enjoy its beauty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZsmells
    There are so many great fragrances and brands to try out.
    I'll second that. Creed is extremely popular on this board, so one can quickly get the impression that any Creed is worth it's money, which probably isn't true. Personally, I have no interest in Creed fragrances whatsoever, because they are too pricey (if something is that expensive I can't really enjoy it, seeing that I can get three other quality scents for the same price), and some of them are very close to cheaper fragrances, some seem to have longevity problems, on another thread someone wrote about not every bottle of SMV being the same, that's just not something I would buy blindly.

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    If you are interested in saving money as you enjoy your quest, Bond No9 has all of their Creeds for 50% off and you get a bath gel or lotion as a gift with purchase.
    I can honestly say that I've not found anything as good on me or my husband as the Bond New Haarlem. He has now ventured into Bond territory and is having a blast. Another great thing about Bond is that as you purchase your scent, and you send the card back that's in the box, they will send you samples periodically and you get to test drive the newest fragrances!! Perks with your purchases!
    Good luck on your adventure!

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    Yes, creed is popular. This is undoubtly a creed for everyone. But like AZsmells said, go and test them because the creed that is for me may not be for you. Also, there are a few other great houses to sample from such as miller harris, hermes, l'artisan (which I don't like but appreciate), lorenzo villoresi, frederic malle, serge lutens, comme des garcons, etc. etc. etc.

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    Creed fragrances sometimes seem unremarkable to those new to perfumes, IMO, because of an experienced nose. It is like aged wine or fine cigars, sometimes one has to develope the palate first in order to experience all the nuances of a complex scent. Sure, you can enjoy a fine scent without any sophistocation, but the more frags you have experienced in more situations, the more you can appreciate the finer subtleties present in the creation.

    Set the Creeds aside for a while and explore some lesser-expensive decants of designer frags (wonderful in and of themselves, but sometimes not as complex and subtle as niche frags) to educate your nose. Read about what others experience in scents you try and compare your experience to that. Soon you will be picking up things in fragrances that you missed before. Go back to your Creeds and see what you think then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UngerWoo
    To my nose, GIT smells something like Polo and I don't like it.
    Are you referring to Polo Black?

    As for not liking the Creeds so much, they are probably just not your thing. A few of them can (at least to me) seem a bit green, although GIT is one of the few greenies I really like

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    I'm guessing you bought samples and not full bottles of all of those....

    Anyway - take some time with the fragrances. It takes a while before your nose gets good. I remember thinking a bunch of Creeds smelled alike at first too. In fact, I had a really poor scent memory and thought all sorts of scents had things in common. Ususally in side-by-side comparison, you are surprised that you ever saw a resemblance. The best thing you can do is practice by smelling all the time and even re-smelling things that you haven't smelled in a while.

    All that being said, SMW and MI have a lot in common and MI and Erolfa have a little in common, but you should be able to tell SMW and Erolfa apart clearly. I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but for me those fresh and summery scents need a warm day before they really POP. The best of the summer can seem a bit boring in whether that allows for deep and rich scents like the BdP.

    Speaking of BdP, it certainly is a standout and its one you won't confuse with anything. Unfortunately, after over a year of trying to like it, its still a bit musty to me. I had my girlfriend sniff it and to my surprise she liked it. She usually goes more for citrus than wood, so that tells you there is something special about it.

    Its likely your samples are fine, even if they smell really weird (one point in MI's evolution smells like rotten fruit to me). Like I said, take a little time and smell things on your skin for prolonged periods to make a solid impression. Few things smell great on paper or in a bottle/vial.

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    Default Re: Creed Fragrances

    oh yeah - Welcome Aboard!

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    Welcome to Basenotes.

    Quote Originally Posted by FatTony
    Anyway - take some time with the fragrances. It takes a while before your nose gets good. I remember thinking a bunch of Creeds smelled alike at first too. In fact, I had a really poor scent memory and thought all sorts of scents had things in common. Ususally in side-by-side comparison, you are surprised that you ever saw a resemblance. The best thing you can do is practice by smelling all the time and even re-smelling things that you haven't smelled in a while.
    I think this is good advice in general, not just as it pertains to Creeds. When I first started this hobby, my nose was terrible, I hadn't really gone out and tested anything, and I relied too much on reviews and comments from others. I quickly learned that there is no substitute for trying things yourself, and it pays to be patient at the beginning and do a lot of testing before doing a lot of buying. Your nose will get better quickly, you will be much better able to distinguish between notes and fragrances, and your tastes will most likely change and evolve a lot as well.

    Personally, although I have nothing against Creed or any other niche brand, they generally don't offer a value proposition that is attractive to me.


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    At first, I was not taken to Creed scents right away because I tested too many too fast. *I slowed down and let GIT works it's magic. Today it's my favorite frag. *
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    Analogy time! Back about 12-13 years ago, I had the opportunity to go to Germany for spring break when my twin brother was stationed over there. Got to try all these beers, many of which didn't seem all that appealing. At the time, I was more used to the college beverages of choice: Milwaukee's Best, Bud, Miller, etc.

    I was so naive when it came to trying one particular beer, the original Budweiser (or Czech Bud), that when I took my first sip, I almost spit it out and said something along the lines of "This tastes like CRAP! Nothing like Budweiser!!" Well, how times have changed. I've probably had over 300 different kinds of beer, and what I wouldn't do to have one of those beers again! Only after trying so many and reading up on the original, did I realize my ignorance.

    Of course, this isn't to say Creed is the end all be all, but I think sometimes it just takes a few trips around the block until you really appreciate it, especially if those trips are made with something else. I recently seemed to have rediscovered Cartier Must Pour Homme Essence, one of the first fragrances a few years ago that spawned this habit.
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    Default Re: Creed Fragrances

    Welcome aboard!
    1. I'd avoid buying blind until you are really comfortable with it. You can end up with a lot of frags you don't care for (fortunately Creeds tend to be easily salable). Also, Creeds are pretty pricey, even at a discount, so your wallet may feel a pinch unless you're flush with cash.

    2. It seems to be a "universal law" that Creeds vary from batch to batch. I can't really imagine Erolfa smelling like MI or SMW though...

    3. If you are going to go blind, a way to go might be to try different frags and come back to the board with what you like and don't like. (Looks like you don't like Polo, don't like vanilla on the dry down, but do like BdP.)
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    Default Re: Creed Fragrances

    Hey woo,

    well I'm pretty new too, and like you went to Neimann Marcus one day to test Creeds. And aside from getting olfactory overlaod from spraying all of those bottles, I thought a lot of them smelled aliek too. People have already noted that many Creeds do indeed smell alike as a result of the characteristic Creed note. However, they still evolve differently and play differently with this note. Keep em aside, go totally designer (meaning go to Sephora) and just start sniffing and spraying all over your arms. Go take notes on what you smell and try to describe the notes and overall effect. After some time you will gain an appreciation for scents. A good popular scent with some decent evolution is D&G ph, or with even more evolution Versace Dreamer.

    Once you get these down, step into the big leagues and revisit the bad boys you have listed above, they definately won't smell the same anymro and GIT will definately nto smell like Polo anymore.

    I'm going through the same thing with ungaro III. Too much evolution. Gotta spend a lot of time with this to understand it.

    Good Luck

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