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    Default Would Odeur be a good buy?

    Hello Folks!
    Well, my sister is in France (most precisely in Bordeaux) and I'm thinking about asking her to buy me a bottle of Odeur 53 or Odeur 71.
    I'm intrigued after reading all the reviews at the directory!
    Which one do you think is more wearable? I'm a little worried about the "burnt tire" smell that a reviewer commented...
    I truly hate the burnt rubber smell of bvlgari black and the gas smell of fahrenheit and would be very disappointed if these ones smelt like that...
    I'm quite interested in smelling the so called ozone smell, me and my girlfriend really like the smell of the air after pouring rain!

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    Default Re: Would Odeur be a good buy?

    Hey RCavs
    From what you describe, and looking at your tastes in your wardrobe, I highly recommend that you pick up a bottle of Odeur 53 immediately. No rubber or burnt tire smell at all. It is beautiful, evasive, abstract, and completely wearable. The fragrance is absolutely unique and yet somehow conventional at the same time. It is not a fragrance that shouts Im wearing cologne!, but acts more on an unconscious level. I have been wearing it for the past year in all seasons, in many contexts, and it always seems appropriate.

    Odeur 71 is sharper and more challenging, and I wear it less. I suppose if I wanted to make more of a statement I might reach for this, but it has never grabbed me the way 53 has. 71 is nice, but somehow flatter and more 2 dimensional. Odeur 53 has some weird magic to it that people really respond to.
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    Default Re: Would Odeur be a good buy?

    You have to read the thread by Indie Guy, "some stories, observations...," who has some anecdotes about Odeur 53 that you might be interested in.

    Slimpickens, *tell us more about those scents you have in heavy rotation.....

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    Default Re: Would Odeur be a good buy?

    I'll second what Slim said.

    I think Odeur 53 is a must have. I don't get a burning tire smell at all out of it.

    It has a very light presence that hints at alot of things but is in itself, very insubstantial. It does smell somewhat metallic. Sometimes there is kind of a dusty, musty note that floats around and could give someone that impression of burning rubber, I suppose...

    I don't like Odeur 71 as much because it is more committed to a particular smell. It's more specific, whereas the beauty of Odeur 53 is its tendency to hang vaguely in the ether around the wearer. Odeur 71 is also a "hot" smell, while Odeur 53 is a "cool" smell. Odeur 71 has a really salty battery acid note, and from time to time it reminds me of smoked almonds.

    People who have sampled both in my collection seem to favor Odeur 53, but a few preferred Odeur 71. Odeur 53 is very much the "standard" and Odeur 71 is its remixed spinoff. Odeur 53 has mostly inorganic notes, while Odeur 71 mixes in some botanical notes and some floral qualities.

    They're both great scents. I'd definitely recommend getting Odeur 53 first and then Odeur 71 later.

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    Default Re: Would Odeur be a good buy?

    I 2nd what both SlimPickins and Indie_Guy has said. They sum it up very good.

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    Default Re: Would Odeur be a good buy?

    Is it better to ask her to buy it in France or to order online?

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