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    Default Which should I buy next?

    Dear all,

    I had a trial run today of 4 fragrances I've been thinking about and smelling for a while:

    YSL Rive Gauche
    Dior Homme
    Baldessarini Concentrate
    Boucheron PH

    Here is my wardrobe:

    Dunhill Edition Alfred Dunhill 1984
    Dunhill for Men Alfred Dunhill 1934
    Dunhill Alfred Dunhill 2003
    Vétiver Annick Goutal 1981
    Bulgari pour Homme Bulgari 1995
    Eternity for Men Calvin Klein 1989
    Pasha Cartier 1992
    Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée Chanel 1989
    Eau Sauvage Christian Dior 1966
    Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme Dolce & Gabbana 1994
    Essenza di Zegna Intense Ermenegildo Zegna 2003
    J.F. Floris 1993
    Curzon Geo F Trumper
    Armani Eau Pour Homme Giorgio Armani 1984
    Armani Mania Giorgio Armani 2002
    Givenchy Gentleman Givenchy 1974
    Gucci pour Homme Gucci 2003
    Derby Guerlain 1985
    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Guerlain 2004
    Vetiver Guerlain 1961
    L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme Issey Miyake 1994
    Safari for Men Ralph Lauren 1992
    Zanzibar Van Cleef & Arpels 2001

    Which should I buy - I like them all, so I don't want something that "fits" my wardrobe, rather soemthing a bit different. I'm leaning towards one of the first two.

    Thanks in advance,

    Top 10 (not in order): Dunhill 1934, Dunhill Edition, Terre d'Hermes, Rive Gauche, Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Knize Ten, Bois du Portugal, Vintage Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed

    Summer Rotation: GIT, Aventus, Erolfa, Vetiver 1948, Guerlain Vetiver, Malle VE, Terre d'Hermes, Bvlgari PH, Bvlgari Acqua, Habit Rouge EDC and Sport, ADP Colonia Assoluta, Chanel PMC, Dunhill Edition, Eau Sauvage, TF Azure Lime

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    Default Re: Which should I buy next?

    Go with the Dior Homme...I LOVE it! It's smooth and sexy and would really compliment your wardrobe. I wore it yesterday and it really is just so warm and so different that many of the other frags I have. It's all individual, though, so go with what makes you say wow! Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Which should I buy next?

    dior homme

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    Default Re: Which should I buy next?

    Dior Homme I have not tried yet.
    Baldessarini....I'm only familiar with the original. I like it.
    Rive Gauche: Thumbs Up!
    Boucheron: Classy! I like this one too.

    I'd flip a coin between Boucheron and Rive Gauche!!

    Best of luck!!!


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    Default Re: Which should I buy next?

    The first two...I wouldn't hesitate either getting both.

    Close your eyes, so you can see what you're smelling.

    "Press trigger twice to release the strength of wood...the wantonness of vanilla...the sentiment of floral...the passion of spice!"

    ~My reviews~

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    Default Re: Which should I buy next?

    Nothing. Save your money, you have more bottles already than you'll ever need.

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    Default Re: Which should I buy next?

    My first pick would be Dior Homme.

    Then again, because it might get discontinued, you may want to get a bottle of Rive Gauche. :-/

    Definitely one of those two. I wouldn't bother with the others.
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