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    Default Avon Wild Country Outback

    I was just looking on avon and noticed there is not there anymore. I hated the rancid grapefruit topnote but the drydown of green precious woods was to die for. Similar to un jardin en meditereanee. Anyone know what happened to this?

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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country Outback

    It was discontinued a few years ago I believe. :'(

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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country Outback

    I was able to buy it about 1.5 years ago off their website. It was their best. I also loved one called American Classic from a few yers ago and they discontinued it. What in the hell is wrong with them?

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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country Outback

    I hapen to work for Avon (customer svc). Wild Country Outback does appear to have been discontinued. I'm not sure what Avon's plan for men's fragrance is, but here are the ones I like:

    Tomorrow for Men
    I'm Perfect (cool bottle)
    Pro Sport.

    I have to mention that on the women's side, two of the Mark (Avon owned, geared for 20ish ladies) fragrances are very noteworthy:

    Hollywood Pink
    and especially Karmala.

    I'm very new to this and can't describe fragrances very well, but Karmala drives me crazy. I've considered wearing it myself. I'd say it's a bit sweet and John Varvatos-y, but that doesn't do it justice! The Hollywood Pink smells like strawberries and chocolate to me.

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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country Outback

    you know, its funny, I saw some Avon fragrances in an antique store. They were in these crazy flacons, one, called "Leather" was an aftershave in an enormous equine statute. Like a knight chesspiece, but the size of a 40 oz. The store proprietor told me they were collectors items, but I knew I had no use for an aftershave with more volume than my skull.

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