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    Default Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    What IS the difference? The pyramids indicate that it is more that just strength (concentration).
    How much are they alike - and how do they differ?
    (I have PH Extreme EDT and PH normal aftershave - hard to compare ...)

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    Default Re: Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    My experience is that the Extreme is just rather sharp without the more sweeter, musky refinement of the original. I think sillage is the emphasis of the Extreme, but the original overall smells better imo.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    I like the Extreme better; it's very long-lasting, and is a little fresher and easy to take. Would recommend it to the younger crowd, as the original may be a little too mature..

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    Default Re: Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    I have both, and would say that the basenotes pyramids, whilst undoubtedly accurate, suggest two fragrances which are more different from each other than they actually are. The Extreme version lasts longer, and seems to dwell more on the sharper top and mid notes, but they are very obviously the same fragrance with just some subtle differences, to me at least.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    I had Extreme but gave it away, did not like the sharp grapefruit note at all, but I got to say it has some major sillage, you can smell someone who is wearing it from miles away . But I prefer Bulgari Pour Homme over the Extreme.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    Its not wildly different from the original in the way Eau Sauvage Extreme is much different from the original.

    I tried the Bulgari Extreme in a mystery scent challenge, and identified it as the original ... I wasn't exactly sure because I picked up some citric notes.

    So to me... that is the only difference, the citric notes. I can't comment on the duration though. Personally the original lasts on me all day, so I don't need an Extreme version to extend it.
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    Default Re: Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    I don't like the extreme. I much prefer the PH original.

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    Default Re: Bvlgari PH and PH Extreme

    The bottom line over the years, as I understand it, is that Pour Homme is more subtle with light tea, light musk and wood, a touch of pepper. Extreme is a higher concentration of those notes, ramped up a few notches on the pepper. This is only forwarding of info. from way past. I know only of the Extreme first hand. I love it and will be replenishing my dwindling supply very soon.

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