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    Default Celine Fever pour Homme

    I'm wearing (fully) for the second time Celine Fever pour Homme. Since I wore this for the first time last week I've been sniffing repeatedly the back of my hand trying to reveal to myself this intriguing aroma. Now I think I did: First, the opening is very spicy and aromatic, kind of sharp but settles down quickly; just a tad of citrus as well on it. The middle notes are balsamic with a very prominent and warm frankincense note that lingers with interesting power. The drydown uncovers a light woody aroma, maybe a blend of sandalwood and cedar but the frankincense note is still there and will remain there almost until the end. The very last vestiges of this fragrance on my skin, after 8 or 10 hours, are very soft and clean with traces of musky vetiver. I much suspect that the intended theme for this scent was the frankincense accord.

    To my nose, in the overall, this fragrance is subtle, warm, with a clean edge to it. It could have a more interesting heart in my opinion, and a little bit more projection, though. I feel this can be worn easily to work. I received a compliment this morning when getting on the elevator. ;D
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    Default Re: Celine Fever pour Homme

    While this one is very interesting, I do wish it would project a bit more too. An EDP version would be extremely interesting.

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