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    today i didnt have to work at hospital so i decided to go for shopping and discovers frags,i had the chance to smell a lot of them , first of all the entire different company line i have to say that apart from the true prohibitive prizes 90 ml bottle 210 $ i have actually say that they didnt impress me so much ,the one i liked more is iris a dior homme stronger version nothing more or less imho ,second rose poivree very good on first notes but in the drydown i could detect just fecal cuvet ,the rest is nothing interesting .i also smelled jicky edp fantastic as always guerlain can do ,a little bit disappointed about vol de nuit i expected more for what i've read in the basenotes reviews ,a frag that left me totally enchanted is nuit de noel by caron that soon i will provide to add to my collection a masterwork a la mitsouko ,i also really like a lot dark rose by chezk and speake ,finally i bought my first keiko mecheri frag 'oliban simply beautiful and strongely oriental,ialso bought a la nuit by sl stunning jasmine maybe the best i ever smelled ,and finally i let myself bewitched by chergui that i add in my today expenses ,last but not least i approached for the very first time bond no'9 frags super expensive 200 dollars for a single bottle but i really loved chinatown the best of all the line imho

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    Oliban and Cherugi. Very nice purchases.

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