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    Default what to try next...

    ok, so I've sampled a bunch of fragrances and I'm starting to figure out what I like and don't like. looking for some recommendations to sample next... So far,
    my absolute favorite "oh my god I could sniff myself all day" fragrances have been Mechant Loup by L'artisan and Geir. I think I could wear either of those every day for the rest of my life and be happy... some others that I like (and wear) have been: Gucci Envy, Escada magnetism, Givenchy Pi, Burberry Brit, and (on the lighter side) Kenneth Cole Reaction and Chrome.

    what I definitely *dont* like: lemon/too much citrus. seems like so many designer scents are loaded with lemon/citrus. I just can't get into it. surpsiringly I haven't been crazy about any of the creeds I've smelled (tried GiT, MI, tabarome, SMW) also don't like A*men.

    I am not familiar enough with the various fragrance classifications to determine what common elements I would likely be interested in. I really like the L'artisan scents I have tried except for Leau de L'artisan (mechant loup, tea for two, Dzing) and I'm thinking of trying some more. Their scents just are so... different... from most of the designer stuff (and as I mentioned, mechant Loup is about 90% of the way to becoming my signature scent... I think I've worn it about every day since I've gotten it)

    so any ideas of what to sample next? or does there seem to be any common thread/type of fragrance that I might be interested in?

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    Default Re: what to try next...

    Have you given L'Instant or Escada PH a try? Both are awesome scents without the lemon smell - warm and classy with good longevity. Escada PH in particular is one of my all time favorites.

    I've been meaning to try Geir!

    Peace ~ Markymark

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