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    With all the attention turned toward Idole (deservedly, IMHO), the gem Eau de Lubin has been ignored. EdL begins with a sharp lavander note reminiscent of many others fragrances. Within minutes, however, a very soft lemon emerges with an ultimate drydown of musc and soft spice. This scent is not ground breaking but it is beautiful. It is perfect to wear with the tailored suit or the cashmere sweater. It is listed as unisex but I find it to be very masculine in its quiet confidence. It is timeless and classic. It is formal but relaxed. Do yourself a favor and try this one.

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    Is it still available? I think I heard about it as a bergamot/lavender/civet scent. Sounds great anyway.

    Edit: Ok, I rifled through the foggiest parts of my brain and I think I remember reading that Eau Neuve was a reformulation of the first Eau de Lubin from way, way back in time. Both are skull-marked in the directory.

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    Gilles is actually re-releasing Eau de Lubin in the not too distant future. He has got one of the perfumers who worked for Lubin in the 1950s working with him now.
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    Great news, Barry!

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    Our friend Buffalo_Gal has decants available.

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