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    Default azzaro visit and xeryus rouge

    So I went to loehmann's and got azzaro visit and xeryus rouge for a little over 10 bucks each. the xeryus rouge was bought blind, and I thought it smelled like apple shampoo. The azzaro visit smelled like B*Men without the sweetness.

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    Default Re: azzaro visit and xeryus rouge

    I like Xeryus Rouge and have also smelled some apple in there as well. Never smelleed Azzaro.

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    Default Re: azzaro visit and xeryus rouge

    Two great frags. I wish I could also got them for that price... >

    If you pull trigger easy, Xeryus Rouge is one of the sexiest scents. Fresh, delicious. It is also very complex; it changes from red fruits to tobaccos, from greens to oceanic...Everything is happening there, and it also lasts forever. (So does Visit)

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    Default Re: azzaro visit and xeryus rouge

    I do love these 2 scents now, they'll be a nice addition to my collection.

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    Default Re: azzaro visit and xeryus rouge

    I said I wouldn't do this...I won't add my comment on my most hated scent ever...but I can't stand it!

    Xeryus Rouge is the most obnoxious, heavy-handed, repulsive smell I have ever experienced!

    I gave my bottle away to some poor B'noter whom I continue to pity (note: NO, I will NOT take it back!)

    The funny part of this post that caught my attention is that Visit is the polar opposite--one of the best mainstream fragrances ever. IMO.

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    Default Re: azzaro visit and xeryus rouge

    omg xeryus rouge is so addicting, i cant stop smelling my wrist because its so ravishing! But yeah i can see why some wouldnt like it, because it's sweet. However, I tend to like sweet fragrances liek this, and I love the cactus note in it.

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    Default Re: azzaro visit and xeryus rouge

    $10 is a pretty good steal! I used to love XR, but havent worn it for the longest time, i actually forgot that i still own it, and now you mentioned it i'd probably bust it out for my sotd tomorrow. It is a lovely scent, but that cactus note can really make someone ill, it is also really potent, two sprays of the stuff would carry you well through the day and perhaps even the next. Prepare to get some compliments on it. Overall, two good steals!

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