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    Default Re: Calvin Klein Obsession for men

    [QUOTE=Le Grand Duc;2141032]Why the BIG text?![/QUOTE

    I also asked myself about that: I reached the conclusion that Moondeva had bad eyesight and she refused to wear glasses...

    Quote Originally Posted by B.I.G. View Post
    I bought a 30 ml bottle and the juice inside isn't the one that used to be in the past. There's no spiciness and mo sweetness...
    I noticed the same after buying a replacement bottle. It took me a year and a half to ask myself about the female version, and to my surpirse, and IMHO, it is much better than the actual men's version if applied carefully. I've been complimented a number of times after wearing this.

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    Default Re: Calvin Klein Obsession for men

    Quote Originally Posted by Le Grand Duc View Post
    Why the BIG text?!

    This is an old thread - when it was originated, the forum used a different program. Now our current forum program doesn't read the font-size numbers the same as the old program. She probably was just stepping up the font-size one step.
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