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    Default 2 New Parfums from Pierre Montale

    Two New ones and a North American release

    Blue Amber *-- Italian bergamot, bourbon geranium, coriander, patchouli, vetiver,
    amber and vanilla.

    Chypré Vanillé -- Vanilla, rock rose, amber, incense over Montale's precious woods blend, sandalwood, vetiver and tonka bean.

    new to our shores:

    Greyland -- *Ginger, pepper, elemi, cardamom, woods of teak, kayak (African mahagony) and cedars, leather notes, all on a base of Fench Aromatic Cystus Albidus, grey musk, and sandalwood.

    I have tried Greyland and it is one of the most distinguished and distinctive, sexy and satisfying men's fragrances around.

    I look forward to sampling Blue Amber.

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    Default Re: 2 New Parfums from Pierre Montale

    I have a sample of Greyland and am trying it right now. I haven't cared too much for the Oud line, (black, royal, steam, etc.--cuir and lime seem to fit me best at this point). I do have a bottle of Sandalsliver which I like, but I think Greyland is a nice balance of notes. Plus, it helps that it's not in the Oud line and cheaper (especially if you can find it in the 50ml.) I may have to get a bottle soon...
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    Default Re: 2 New Parfums from Pierre Montale

    Quote Originally Posted by baiesbaby
    Greyland -- Ginger, pepper, elemi, cardamom, woods of teak, kayak (African mahagony) and cedars, leather notes, all on a base of Fench Aromatic Cystus Albidus, grey musk, and sandalwood.
    This sounds promising.
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    Default Re: 2 New Parfums from Pierre Montale

    How come there aren't any reviews about Montale?
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    Default Re: 2 New Parfums from Pierre Montale

    Montale has two lines, one general line which has the three mentioned by bb and the specialty Aoud line. Perhaps I will write up some reviews.

    All I have sampled are distinguished, of excellent quality, well-composed and sophisticated. Really very nice, indeed.

    Aoud is aloe or agar wood by its Arabian name. The Montale Aoud story goes that a quantity of vintage aoud oil was discovered in a cave of all places (like Ali Baba) and became -- with other precious woods such as teak, kayak *(which is an African Mahogony), cedar, soemtimes sandalwood and rosewood -- the basis for this line.

    The aouds are definitely an acquired taste. But I have come to love these wine-like, brooding, evocative woods. Like all beautiful things once encountered, it haunts me. I have grown addicted to Aoud Rose Petals and liked my sample of Aoud Lime for a cetain sort of man.

    Enjoying the pungency of the saffron note (like a spice seller in a Middle Eastern Bazaar) and vintage, aged precious wood oils is like graduating to bittersweet chocolate. Very adult, very sophisticated, very satisfying. *The edge is pleasant but also softens in the dry down to something truly magnificent and unforgetable. Not all folks have an affinity to sharp, tart or pungent fragrances or tastes, though. But if you do.........mmmmmmmm Montale Aouds. The best and most accessible are Aoud lime and Aod Rose petals and both are suitable for men or women.

    I have noticed that if one spritzes into the air, the sharp tang of the Aoud and saffron is a tad high-pitched and medicinal for a moment. *When spritzed close to the skin of one's wirst, however, and then rubbing that wrist on the other or on one's neck or over the heart, the opening burst of medicine-y tang is totally avoided. I find the tart pungency of Aoud & saffron an engaging counterpoint to the sweetness of Rose in the Rose Aouds (Taif, Queen Rose and Roses Petals) and adds a poignancy to those fragrances. And at the risk of repeating myself, the dry-down is magnificent.

    I just sleected the Greyland for my finance. It was head and shoulders above all other elegant men's fragrances. The other wonderful *and refined classic with a twist type fragrance is Richard James but it has a rose note which is not my guy's favorite floral.

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