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    Default Review: Eau LE GALION

    Here is my quick take on a recent acquisition targeted to those with an unusual taste in "dirty" discontinued fragrances:

    Eau LE GALION - Special For Gentlemen (ELG)

    (Note: The cap has an image of an 18th century sailing ship engraved on its top)

    ELG is a traditional, full-bodied, sweet, animalic fragrance with a breathtaking sillage.
    The initial whiff of its top notes gives an impression of an old-world sweetness very similar to Sybaris.

    With its top notes slowly fading away, the true essence of this magical scent comes to light.
    The beautiful mixture of bergamot, and lavender in its top notes, along with its masterful use of civet, vanilla, and
    sandalwood in its base notes, creates one of the most intoxicating concoctions that I have ever experienced.

    With all due respect to the house of Guerlain, ELG is what Jicky and Mouchoir de Monsieur (MdM) had always yearned to be.
    ELG does not appear to suffer from any of the personality disorders commonly found in Jicky and (to a lesser extent) in MdM.
    Le Galion, has expertly managed to tame the oftenly problematic civet note with a heavy dose of vanilla, jasmine, and rosewood.

    Those of you who appreciate classics such as Monsieur Carven, Ungaro II, and Habit Rouge should find it very much to your liking.
    ELG is a strong fragrance; suitable for those with a taste in dirty, animalic scents (you know who you are).

    The date of introduction for this French masterpiece is 1947; and like most other classics of the bygone era, it is now relegated to
    the annals of history with an occasional rare appearance on eBay.

    I treasure every drop of this utterly unique classic.

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    Default Re: Review: Eau LE GALION

    I totally agree with this review. I treasure my old bottle of ELG (Special for Gentlemen). The fragrance is perfectly intact and I wear it every once in a while for my own personal pleasure. As a matter of fact, I am wearing it right now (reading this review made me do it!). ELG is a very sensuous almost sexual fragrance. It's staying power is unlike anything we can find today. Call me nostalgic but I believe they don't make perfumes like they used to. Some will think ELG is outdated. I surely don't. I wish someone at Le Galion would repackage it and put it back on the market.

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    Default Re: Review: Eau LE GALION

    Le Galion Vetyver should also be checked out. A very dirty, earthy, beetrooty vetiver. Very sexy.
    RARE PERFUME DECANTS - FACEBOOK (closed group) - Hundreds of ultra rare extraits available, including Djedi and Nombre Noir.

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    Default Re: Review: Eau LE GALION

    Quote Originally Posted by david View Post
    Le Galion Vetyver should also be checked out. A very dirty, earthy, beetrooty vetiver. Very sexy.
    A very nice vetyver. Agree.

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