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    Anyone have an opinion on 10 Corso como. I know that it's a sandalwood scent with rose, frankencense,plum and argarwood notes. Has anyone tried it and if so what do you think? I'm considering buying it.

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    Hi nuttygold;

    10 Corso Como definitely has sandalwood in its base, but the ripe scent of plums seems to be very prominent and lingers towards the end. The combination of fruits and sandalwood can be very dangerous sometimes (in my opinion) because the fruits smells "riper" or "older" because of sandalwood. In this fragrance, the strong plum note smells very mature-feminine (towards the peri-menopausal direction, if I'm allowed to say) and I found it very hard to wear as a man. I'd rather wear oakmoss-based plums like Femme (Rochas).


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