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    Default Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    FRANCE. Guerlain has updated its L’Instant de Guerlain masterbrand with two new seasonal versions. L’Instant d’un Été for him and for her (pictured left) will begin rolling out from March.

    The limited-edition feminine fragrance features a juice revamped with florals and citrus, coloured the shade of grapefruit and bitter orange. Key notes include magnolia, jasmine sambac, ylang-ylang, vanilla and musk.

    It will be available as an 80ml edt spray, priced domestically at €50.50.

    The masculine version, described as a fragrance frisson, includes cool, frosted notes teamed with woods, for a tonic sensation. The juice features neroli, star anise, lemon petitgrain and pink pepper.

    In line with its cool positioning, the fragrance is coloured an icy blue-green. It will be available as a 125ml edt spray, priced at €50.50.
    Also launching in time for the summer season is a collection of Eaux Légères. These are lighter, more refreshing versions of three Guerlain classics: Vetiver, Habit Rouge and Shalimar.

    Vetiver Sport (right) will be launched from 1 March. The reworked juice is said to highlight the original’s most invigorating accents. The scent opens with lemon and bergamot, leading to a strong heart of pepper and nutmeg. The base is a blend of Tonka bean and, of course, vetiver.

    Vetiver Sport is available as a 75ml edt spray, priced at €39.

    Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette Légère 100ml is said to deliver an intense freshness, thanks to a bigger focus on fresh/oriental notes. A clearer, floral accord replaces the original’s spicy middle note, while a mix of wood, spice and vanilla replaces the former leathery base.

    Lastly, Shalimar has been revamped with a Shalimar Light Eau Légère Parfumée. A fresh oriental, it features bergamot, jasmine, May rose and vanilla.


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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    How many more times are they going to revamp Shalimar Light?

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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    Shalimar Light Eau Légère Parfumée

    I guess the next will be Shalimar L'air Light de L'eau Legere Parfumée...

    I am glad about the new male version of L'Instant , i liked the original too.

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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    I loved the original L'instant... and all of Guerlain's fragrances. I must try all of them!

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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    I'm sure that this will be interesting.....we must brace ourselves and prepare for all of the lite summer versions....One of the few things that I do not like about summer.

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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    That's great! ;D

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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    I would think that Habit Rouge Legere and Shalimar Legere are just going to be limited seasonal rereleases of the same frags given seasonal release in 2005 and 2003 respectively - not further revisions, while the L'Instants and the Vetiver Sport are new frags.

    I just happened to wear Habit Rouge Legere today as my SOTD, and it has finally gotten down to the lingering vanilla basenote. *[smiley=smiley.gif]

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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    How is Vetiver Sport different from Vetiver Eau Glace, or for that matter, the new bottle (IMO lighter) Vetiver?

    Why on earth don't they release a "Vetiver Original" instead - that's what we're all crying out for!

    The L'Instant Summer, however, sounds very nice. Still waiting for the original's EDP to be released in australia...

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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    Yeah I kind of look forward to it as well. Somehow it feels like Guerlain is one of the few brands that can release tweaked versions of their stuff without being total sellouts.


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    Default Re:  Guerlain celebrates a summery Instant

    Just read the blog on the Now Smell This blog...I can't imagine someone wanting something lighter than the original. The original can't even last two hours with some sort of presence. Count me in if there's some sort of longevity. Still working at getting an EdP version. Priorities first!!! ;D

    On the other hand, if they can get rid of that bitter undercurrent in Vetiver with their l'Ete version, I'm there too!

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