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    Default Interested for your input

    I am interested in purchasing one of these classic scents, (or something similar) and thought I would ask all of you for your opinion. thanks

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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    Three very gentlemanly fragrances! Personally, I love Eau Sauvage most out of the three. But I strongly recommend you try and buy all three!

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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    In terms of the citrus notes themselves, I actually prefer Monsieur de Givenchy, but overall it's Eau Sauvage for me.
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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    Monsieur Givenchy is an awesome classic, although it does not last very much on my skin...
    « L'odeur de rose, faible, grâce au vent léger d'été qui passe, se mêle aux parfums qu'elle a mis.»
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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    It may be a tossup for Chanel Pour Monsieur and Givenchy. Have some Givenchy and haven't tried it yet.

    Beware the Eau Sauvage - the longevity issues are serious. I literally cannot splash it on and get out of the bathroom before the scent is GONE! I'm talking SECONDS here. Seems to me that it is quite expensive for the performance.

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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    I suggest you to get involved in perfume history, seriously: Eau Savage.

    I respect the fact it`s Michael Edwards ultimate favourite.

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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    I'm surprised the Chanel PM is not getting more play--perhaps because we a talking of completely different scents here. Eau Sauvage and Monsieur de Givenchy could be compared--both citrus classics-- and I would hesitate to choose between the two. Pour Monsieur is very different. I agree Xen--get all three. If you want only one--Chanel because of it's adaptability.

    Between Eau Sauvage and Monsieur de Givenchy, I would give a very slight edge to Eau Sauvage.

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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    I personally can't stand Eau Sauvage. Pour Monsieur, I really like. I think im a little too young to wear it though. I can't remember what the Givenchy is like, but I know it wasn't anything I was a fan of.
    I would go with CPM.

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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    Thanks for the input everyone. Keep the comments coming. I probably shouldn't say it, but I'm surprised no one has suggested something other than those I put in the poll. Not that that is a bad thing, and that wasn't a leading comment. Anyhow, I digress. . .

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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    I've voted for Chanel Pour Monsieur. I, too, am not a huge fan of Eau Savage, but for strictly personal reasons - I associate it with a person I really don't like that much.
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    Default Re: Interested for your input

    3 deserved classics.

    Eau Savage is one of those scents I felt like I "had" to like. When I first discovered Bnotes I think it had won the annual poll as best man's scent ever....everyone praised it/loved I bought it, loved it and then traded it. I just cannot get behind a scent that it so fleeting. I even bought a bottle of the concentrated version (which is now on my swaplist) and even though it lasted longer, it wasn't the same scent.

    MDG is sophisticated, grown up and always right. Unfortunately it's not much stronger than ES.

    So Chanel PM wins by default....although, if you are looking for suggestions in this vein, I would recommend Worth PH, Nino Cerruti, Hertitage, Tiffany, Egoiste, Patou PH, MdM and others over these.

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