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    Default Overseas Shipping

    Hello Folks,

    Can you please help me ?. I never tried to buy fragrances through online shopping web sites. Some do not deliver overseas ( Brazil ).
    I would like to know your experience on this. Could you recommend any place where to place an order ?.
    I have told about perfumebay. Any suggestion ?.

    Thanks in advance.



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    Default Re: Overseas Shipping

    « L'odeur de rose, faible, grâce au vent léger d'été qui passe, se mêle aux parfums qu'elle a mis.»
    [ Paul Verlaine ]

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    Default Re: Overseas Shipping

    Hi Sandalwood,

    Thanks a lot !.
    I will get in touch with them in order to see whether they ship to Brazil or not.
    Some do not do that due to consider fragrances as hazardous material. I contact you as soon as I get information.



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