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    Default Allure Sport disaster story

    Yesterday I charmed the sales rep. working at Macy's fragrance counter for 5 vials of Allure Sport, which is a tremendous feat considering how ungenerous those women are, and just now they were smashed. *I had come out of the shower, and put the vials in the sink to ironically ensure that nothing would happen to them while I attended to a phone call. *My dog came running up to me with a ball while I was talking, so to get him to leave I blindly threw the ball into another room, which unfortunately ended up being the bathroom. *My dog jumped up to the sink to get it, and in the process knocked over a surface-top mirror that just had to land in the sink and crush the vials. *To make matters worse, all the juice literally went down the drain, leaving only shattered vials. *I was still on the phone, so I went to another room after I had finished investigating the crash, when my dad came home and went straight to the bathroom. *He thought that the vials were pieces of paper (no chance to clean yet), so he casually picked them up and got some stuck in himself. *After picking his hand of tiny shards, I took an ear-full about my "ridiculous hobby" and the "strong odor" of the room. *I suppose you win some, you lose some! *My first thought was actually "good luck getting those back!" Oh well...maybe I'll go back in disguise...

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    Default Re: Allure Sport disaster story

    Great story, on par with my "little ants in my fragrance cabinet" story! At least your bathroom smells wonderful. ;D

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    Default Re: Allure Sport disaster story

    Time to practice those skills on a new SA ;D

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    Default Re: Allure Sport disaster story

    I agree, J. with the above. If you can do it once, you can do it twice. The real challenge would be to get them again from the same SA!
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Allure Sport disaster story

    Go to the same SA and explain in full detail the actual mishap. She will give you another 5 for chutzpah 8-)

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    Default Re: Allure Sport disaster story

    Haha, good luck getting some more. I wonder how long your bathroom will smell for.

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    Default Re: Allure Sport disaster story

    There is nothing like putting something in a "SAFE PLACE". It ironically means it will either be lost forever or smashed to bits.
    I agree with the "go ask for more" crowd. And don't forget to mention the dog! ;D
    "Ca sent les pieds!"

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