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    Default Fragrance and Nasal Spray

    So, I went to the doc to get checked up for a sinus infection, to find out I have something called a "deviated septum", which apparently contributes to the feeling of a chronically plugged nose. In any event, one of the suggestions she had was a nasal spray to clear things out.

    So....a couple spritzes of the nasal spray to clear things out, and into the cabinet for the SOTE. A normal 3-4 sprays and......................

    Holy Sh*t!!!!!! When did that Tabarome become so strong! I'm more than a bit concerned that I have been blowing out my coworkers over the past 2 years, using enough spray so that I could get the desired effect with bad sinuses........hmmm. It is eye-popping.....the apparent difference in intensity. Reminds me a bit of when my grandmother used to scream at me, in only the nicest way, when her hearing aid battery ran out.

    As I write this, I find I'm giving myself a headache!


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    Default Re: Fragrance and Nasal Spray

    LOL ;D

    I have the opposite effect this morning: A few months ago, I bought a decant of Hammam Bouquet which disliked after a few testing sessions. As I've been having a cold the last couple of days, I've began to appreciate it more!

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    Default Re: Fragrance and Nasal Spray

    Conversely, the makers of Zicam, a homeopathic zinc-based nasal spray, just settled a class action lawsuit brought by those claiming they lost their sense of smell due to use of the product.

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