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    Default Escentric Molecules

    I obtained a sample of Escentric 01 and Molecule 01. Both are loaded with Iso E Super. I was expecting some kind of metalic scent, but turned out they were quite nice fragrances. Molecule 01 is pure woody, which reminds me of Serge Lutens Bois series and IUNX Eau Sento, but Iso E. Super appears to be adding a very interesting fullness and strength to the woods. *Escentric 01 is peppery (pink pepper) and kind of sharper than Molecule 01 (lime). Here again, the velvety orris is accentuated by Iso E. Super.


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    I just received samples of both from Luckyscent a few days ago and was totally unimpressed with both. Molecules 1 I couldn't smell anything ... and I mean ANYTHING. Extremely weak for whatever it's supposed to be. Escentric 1 was a little better but still very faint smelling to my nose ... and absolutely gone in less than half an hour.

    Definitely a "sample before buying" line ... but WAY overpriced for what they are, IMHO.

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    Default Re: Escentric Molecules

    These two have peaked my curiosity ever since they appeared on the luckyscent site.
    I guess I gotta get me some samples when I make my next order. ;D

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    The day I saw them at Luckyscent Basenotes went offline.. Can't be a good sign at all, but I will try to sample them anyway.

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    Escentric is pleasent enough, however, it's not exactly new territory, especially considering the price. Molecule would be aptly named if it were h20. I could barely smell anything. Yes, indeed, it is a bold new concept in fragrance--charging $135 for the smell of nothing.
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    Susan Irvine wrote in UK Vogue that Molecule 01 (100% Iso-E Super+alcohol) is such a complex molecule that it doesn't start to smell until it's stayed on the skin for an hour or so. It's used as a basenote in fragrances. Could you try it again and see if it's true? Or maybe it's something that a lot of people are anosmic to?

    You can buy Iso-E Super from dirt cheap. Molecule 01 is $135.

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    Default Re: Escentric Molecules

    Chiming in to say I asked for a sample of 01 with my order from Aedes, and I'll be damned if I can smell *anything* save a faint trace of lime.

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    As compared to Molecule 01, Escentric 01 is more bright and cheerful because of the obvious pepper and lime peels. But more or less, it share the same quality as Molecule 01. This Iso E Super is a weird thing. I put some onto my wrist and tried to sniff like a dog a couple of times. But all I can smell is quiet woods in Molecule 01 and pepper/lime in Escentric 01. But once I forget about it and start doing something else, my nose catches something hard to describe from my wrist. It does not shout or yell, but whispers. Sort of a smell of "fullness" and "volume". I understand these products are quite expensive, but I recommend trying samples like I did, because they may not catch your heart, but instead, will make you be curious and wonder "What is this?".


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    Oh baby...This is the 2nd time I've tested these this week.....
    The are both light/clean/woody scents but they get stronger the longer I wear them.....
    When I first spray on there is a slight comforting scent....after an hour they both smell yummy.....after 3 hrs they are AWESOME!
    Upon the 5th/6th hour though they begin a retreat to hours 8-9....virtually non-existant after 10+ hrs on me.

    Escentric 01 is the "stronger" of the also has a few other notes.....I like it a wee bit better than the Molecule 01
    just ordered both.....I can't stop the sniffing of my hands.

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    Default Re: Escentric Molecules

    "Molecule 01 (100% Iso-E Super+alcohol)"

    "As compared to Molecule 01, Escentric 01 is more bright and cheerful because of the obvious pepper and lime peels."

    Are we talking about colognes here or a new fuel to make your automobile run with a pleasant scent?

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    Eternity is 12% Iso-E Super according to this:

    And, according to a review on Bois de Jasmine, Tresor is 80% composed of just 4 synthetic ingredients, one being Iso-E:
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    Default Re: Escentric Molecules

    Both of these scents Rock!!!
    Escentric 01 is safer and more of a classic men's scent, VETIVER EXTRAORDINARIE without the heavyness.
    molecule 01 takes about 30 mins. to start making it's entrance, it then morphs into something dark and woody.

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