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    Default Fragrant weekend exploring

    I go to New York a lot - once a month usually - and I have never been to most of the big time fragrance spots because I don't like (cannot really afford) to pay full price. Well, as my horizons have been expanded by basenotes, there is an ever growing list of frags I want to smell but haven't. That combined with NoseOrgy's positive experience at Aedes this weekend, I decided to go on a little adventure.

    On saturday, my girlfriend wanted to go to Bloomingdales, so I went over to the fragrance counter while she shopped. I was really surprised to see they carried a much larger selection than most department stores. Perhaps its because it is the flagship store? Any way I was really excited to EGOISTE and ANTEAUS. Those more familiar with them surely can point out the differences, but I found the 2 rather similar at a quick smelling, though I liked Egoite better. I have heard it compared to Opium, though I'd say it is much smoother and not as "loud" as Opium. I have a narrow range of orientals I can handle but I'd rate Egoiste as top notch in my book.

    After a few minutes at the Bloomie's frag counter though, I couldn't take it any more. They were the absolute pushiest SA's I have ever dealt with and if I hear the words "Sexual for Men" one more time I might puke.

    On sunday, I went to Sephora to smell the new Gendarme 7 Sins. The entire line was rather ho-hum, as might be expected from 7 frags being released together. However they are smartly packaged in 10mL and 30mL bottles that encourage purchasing a couple. My favorites:

    SLOTH - cool and calming. Light citrus, light cardamom and possibly some cucumber? My girlfriend bought a 10mL of this as a bedtime scent.
    GREED - a citrus for sure, but there is something else I cannot put my finger on. Something I think is good. I should re-smell this when its 80degF outside.
    EXCESS - CHOCOLATE. Gourmand lovers should check this out. Its no New Harlem, but its $10.
    RAGE - peppery and cinnamon. Not black pepper either, I mean like cayenne. Literally a firey fragrance. Intriguing, but nothing I would wear.

    I think Lust and Vanity were rather feminine and Envious... I don't recall anything.

    Also at Sephora I picked up samples of the much praised BEL AMI as well as EQUIPAGE. I spritzed a bit of the Bel Ami at 6:30am this morning for my drive back upstate. No joke - I can still smell it now 12+ hours later. Just as all the reviews say - its a floral leather. Very beautiful. However, I disagree with the consensus in the reviews that it is very sexy/romantic. I think Bel Ami would make a great all around evening/formal frag for the warmer months, not just for the bedroom (though it would be great there too).

    Then I went to Aedes. The help was very polite and left me alone without making me feel ignored like I did at the Bond No. 9 store a few months back. In fact, I think it was the lousy service at Bond that made me wait so long to go into Aedes. Anyway - I got to smell a ton of frags that are much commented on and recommended here. These are just some of the more notables:

    SANTAL NOBLE - this one I was very excited about and was sure to test it on my skin. I wasn't grossed out at the top notes as some are, but overall it was not my thing. Too much spice? Or the resins? I'm not sure, but TAM DAO remains my sandalwood king.

    BOIS FARINE - I also got this one on the skin because it was so unique I had to see where it was going. The peanut top note is awesome and the dry down was not nearly as dry as I expected. I almost want to call this a gourmand even though it doesn't have any of the usual vanilla, coffee, or chocolate. It smelled of peanuts and later of a just slightly sweet pastry. This frag crates a really problem because I was just about ready to buy Mechant Loup for its nuttiness and now I must decide between them. Read on because the nut-saga continues.

    PREMIER FIGUIER EXTREME - smelled just about like the original, but perhaps sweeter and maybe a little boozy? If I buy one it'll probably be the original.

    SERGE LUTENS - I smelled a few of his and couldn't get into any of them. I remember both MIEL de BOIS and SANTAL BLANC both made me think of old women. I think I'll have to give Lutens another shot another time.

    I'm sure there are some good one's I'm forgetting. Oh well - the journey continues.

    Right around the corner from Aedes is C.O. Bigelow Chemist which also carries many niche frags and candles along with other high end beauty/grooming products. There I found the Blu Mediterraneo line from Acqua di Parma. Believe it or not, I still had a little skin real estate left after Aedes so I managed to try on the CIPRESSO di TOSCANA and MANDORLO di SICILIA. The Cipresso was not what I was hoping for. Very thin and transparent. A refreshing frag, but I was hoping for big-time wood. It was also short lived. That brings me to the Mandorlo (Almond). Man, I'm really in trouble with this nut thing. This was creamy, rich almond and vanilla. I do need to re-smell this to be sure that it is masculine enough for me, but I have a feeling I have tough choice between the Mandorlo, Mechant Loup, and Bois Farine. In an ideal world, there would be no need to decide, but they all seem to scratch the same itch in a slighly different way.

    Speaking of Blu Mediterraneo, they JUST released a new frag called FICO di AMALFI, but a new fragrance gets its own thread...

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    Default Re: Fragrant weekend exploring

    i would love to go to NY

    How much were the 10 and 30ml's if you dont mind me asking

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    Default Re: Fragrant weekend exploring

    Great report, FatTony. Makes me want to go on a fragrance outing, too.

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    Default Re: Fragrant weekend exploring

    Quote Originally Posted by FatTony
    They were the absolute pushiest SA's I have ever dealt with and if I hear the words "Sexual for Men" one more time I might puke.
    I had to hollar when I read this because every so often the Michael Germain rep comes to Bermuda and flogs this stuff...I am so tired of seeing them and I have to reach way back to not be rude or sarcastic because they will not leave me alone. They market this stuff like it is a great frag....sorry....NOT!!!!!!!!!

    They look at me in *total disbelief when I tell them I already have it and than they suggest I buy the female frags for someone.....not going to happen. Hey I know ya gotta meet the quota.......

    Live Life,

    Giving Life My All And Improving Every Day

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    Default Re: Fragrant weekend exploring

    The new Gendarme Sins are:

    10mL for $10

    30mL for $27

    and are a Sephora exclusive.

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