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Thread: Lauder for men?

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    Default Lauder for men?

    Here are a few of my recently worn favorites. I really love that spicy rich sharpness in these classics.

    Aramis 900
    Boss #1

    I'm thinking of buying the classic 1985 Lauder for men. Yay or Nay?

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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    Its a very bright green chypre with a hardly floral middle note and rich mossy base. It always reminds me of Estee Lauder's Estee Super Colonge Spray for women but a little toned down on florals.

    I say Yay

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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    A definite yea! Have worn this for many, many years and remains one of my all time favorites. Getting hard to find. Has been called "the most masculine scent ever". Think you will love this one.


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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    "Ca sent les pieds!"

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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    Pretty much my all-time favorite fragrance...!

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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    Definately a yay
    I have gotten more compliments, from both men and women, with this frag then with any other I have worn, still a classic scent after all these years.

    Currently wearing: Tres Nuit by Armaf

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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    Judging from the scents you listed, I'll say this one is a definite "yay" vote. It's a rich, heady scent that set's you apart from the crowd. If common "safe" (or some say...."boring" LOL) scents i.e.; AdG or Cool Water, leave you wanting, Lauder for Men will satisfy!! It's hard to slouch your shoulders while wearing this scent!! LOL!!

    ;D ;D ;D

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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    Lauder for me is a great scent. I wore it in the 90's and loved it and got tons of comps. Good luck, I kind of wish I could find some too. Very different from the popular "fresh" scents of today.
    Peace ~ Markymark

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    Default Re: Lauder for men?

    Not really that hard to find. Estee Lauder's website has it ... and much cheaper that the popular websites. Perfumebay and Perfumeemporium sell the 3.4 for $65. The Lauder website has it for $45.

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