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    Default buying 100 ml testers

    here is what i've read from
    "The majority of products are store counter testers. There is no expensive packaging to throw in the bin so we are able to sell our fragrances at substantial discounts. In many cases you can buy 100ml for the price of a 50ml. With hundreds of different fragrances to choose from we offer a wide selection of popular and unusual designer perfumes and aftershaves"
    "Testers are made by the manufacturer to help promote their fragrances. They are originally intended for the store counters for you to test whilst wandering around your local department store. They come in a plain box and will have "Tester" or "Demonstration" somewhere on the bottle. Some of the products will not have a lid or may come unboxed. All testers are sold unused, with the entire original quantity in the bottle. Testers are a great way for you to get large amounts of quality fragrance at substantial discounts"

    for example 100 ml of dior homme in London shops cost 45. and here tester costs 30. but is it safe buying testers? will it be the same original fragrance? has anybody expierience with buying testers?
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    Default Re: buying 100 ml testers

    This question comes up every few months. It really should be moved into a FAQ.

    Testers are fine. They are the same juice as in regular bottles. Sometimes they come without a cap, or in a plain box or with a decal on the bottle that says "Tester" or some combination of these.
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    Default Re: buying 100 ml testers

    They are the same thing. I own a perfume store and I have a lot of regular customers that come to me and buy the tester bottles if they are buying for themselves.

    The manufactures must make a lot of these, and they must do it for discounting reason to spread their product. I can get hundreds of testers of the same cologne for selling in my store if I wanted to. Of course I cant get testers of everything.

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    Default Re: buying 100 ml testers

    look down the conversations....I (JP1) started a convo like this and had many responses. Basically its the same stuff and after buying the "real" thing at full price in the shops and then a tester...there is absolutely no difference.

    hope that helps!

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    Default Re: buying 100 ml testers

    Yes, they are 100 percent fine. Buy at great savings, sahib.

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    Default Re: buying 100 ml testers

    I got my Dior Homme from fragrance direct and can recommend them for a whole range of stuff. And they're fast.

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    Default Re: buying 100 ml testers

    I've bought many testers and never had a problem. Unless you just gotta have the packaging and you collect like that, then fine, I could understand getting the retail package. But me, I just wanna wear the juice. And i've never had a problem with the product inside the bottles of the ones I bought.

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