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    Default Ch. Sheldrake (Serge Lutens' nose) joins Chanel!

    Chanel names R&D director for fragrances

    French luxury house Chanel has appointed Christopher Sheldrake director of research and development for its fragrances, reporting to in-house perfumer Jacques Polge. Sheldrake was previously a perfumer with ICI-owned flavors and fragrance company Quest International. He joined Chanel on December 1, 2005.


    The article doesn't say if Sheldrake is under exclusieve contract with Chanel, which would mean he no longer would work for Serge Lutens! :-/

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    Default Re: Ch. Sheldrake (Serge Lutens' nose) joins Chane

    Interesting, thanks for posting this news cedriceccentric.

    I can't wait to see what's the next move from Chanel.
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    Default Re: Ch. Sheldrake (Serge Lutens' nose) joins Chane

    Thank you Cedric for that information.
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    Default Re: Ch. Sheldrake (Serge Lutens' nose) joins Chane

    Makes no mention of his work with Lutens/Shiseido there. Also, the balance of his relationship will be different at Chanel, right? Isn't he the interpreter role with Shiseido (perfumer)? And now he will be the one involved in research--does research imply an artistic and interpretive function for the nose (Polge) to translate?

    Not to speculate, but I was thinking last night that some of his more recent works had not met with much approval--Miel and Cedre come to mind. The last is simply oxymoronic; the first was surely one of the most reviled niche forays in recent perfumery. Also, Chene didn't get much play, so I wonder if the train rolled a bit off the tracks.

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