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    Default Trussardi Action Sport

    Has anyone ever tried Trussardi Action Sport? The reason I ask is that I found a bottle for under $20 and was wanting to know if it is worth picking up. From the notes, it sounds like it would just be anoter boring "fresh" scent but given it was created before the late 90's I thought that perhaps it had not fallen into that crowd. Thanks for any help.

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    Did you get it then?

    This stuff is discontinued and I want to know what it smells like too.

    I love the smell of grapes/ grape flavoured stuff and it just happens to have that note in it.

    Strangely I can't find many scents with it in...

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    Default Re: Trussardi Action Sport

    No, sadly. I watched it down till the time when it didnt sell because no one bid. But I didnt get any replies about it so I didnt think it was even worth the money. Now Im thinking I should have at least tried it

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    Default Re: Trussardi Action Sport

    Its a great fragrance, not from the boring fresh crowd!!!

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