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    Default Molton Brown body wash

    Anyone ever used the Molton Brown Recharge Black Pepper Body Wash? Saw it at Bath and Body Works and was curious. Think it is for men, however could be unisex.

    What are your favorite body washes or shower gels?



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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    Brilliant, Fantastic, Nothing to beat it.
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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    I was lucky enough to get a gift pack with the pepper wash and another body wash and a lotion for $20 at TJ Maxx. The black pepper wash is awesome.

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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    I received a sample and it smells great. Unfortunately, it also contains sodium lauryl sulfate which tends to irritate my skin so it doesn't work for me.

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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    It is excellent indeed. Get it.


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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    Neutrogena Rainbath is very close at half the price and twice the size.

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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    I bought my brother and SIL one of those travel sets for Christmas, so they could have a variety to choose from.

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    Smile Re: Molton Brown body wash

    Great stuff. I highly recommend it. Good lather too unlike some body washes

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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    Like everybody else, I love it and think you should get it. At $25, it is a bit overpriced though. I've never been lucky enough to find it at TJMaxx.

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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    It's very good. Molton Brown's showercreams are the only ones I can use without drying out my skin. I ordinarily use soaps. If you should happen to like the Black Pepper, make sure you try the soap as well. Very good.

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    Default Re: Molton Brown body wash

    Yeah, the Black Pepper wash is the best I've come across. Goes well with Gucci PH, Joop Rococo, & Allure Homme. Also, the EdT is nice too though it doesn't get the praise the body wash does.
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