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    Default More info on new Cool Water Game duo.


    Beauty Beat: Davidoff Seeks 'Cool' Customers
    By Melissa Drier

    BERLIN — Lancaster is hoping to score with a younger generation with Davidoff Cool Water Game, a new fragrance duo.

    The latest member of the Cool Water family is geared toward "young, carefree and body-conscious people between 18 and 29 [years old] who are natural and want to have fun," said Hugues de la Chevasnerie, vice president of international marketing for Davidoff Fragrances. Think sunshine, the beach, bikinis, weekends, surf, sport and games of all sorts — from water games to love games.

    Cool Water Game is slated to be introduced in Germany in March and the duo will be rolled out internationally, with distribution in other European markets planned for spring. The scents are scheduled to first reach the U.S. in 2007.

    Lancaster executives wouldn't put a figure on first-year sales goals for Cool Water Game, but said they were aiming for a top-five ranking in Germany and a top-three ranking in men's scents worldwide. Industry sources, however, estimate the two fragrances could generate retail sales volume of $36 million to $48 million in the first year.

    The men's fragrance is bottled in deep blue glass, the women's in light aqua, and both bottles feature an ellipse in the center reminiscent of a lava lamp. The men's bottle was designed by Gildas Boissier, and Thierry de Baschmakoff did the women's bottle. According to de Baschmakoff, the lava lamp motif helps to "capture technology, life and energy in the bottle."

    The Cool Water Game for Man scent was created by Pierre Wargnye of International Flavors & Fragrances. He is the nose behind Davidoff Echo, Calvin Klein's Contradiction for Men, Boss Classic by Hugo Boss, the Estée Lauder brand's Pleasures for Men and the La Perla scent.

    Cool Water Game for Man features citrus top notes of grapefruit, watermelon, basil and verbena; a heart of green currants, violet leaves and lavender, and base notes of cedar, Gaiac wood, patchouli and musk.

    The men's range includes an eau de toilette in 30-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml. sizes, priced at 29 euros, 39 euros and 55 euros, or $35.60, $47.90 and $67.50 at current exchange, respectively. There's also a 100-ml. aftershave priced at 36 euros, or $44.20; a 200-ml. hair and body shampoo for 12 euros, or $14.75, and a deodorant stick for 12 euros, or $14.75.

    Cool Water Game for Woman was created by Béatrice Piquet of IFF, who also has to her credit Sport for Woman and Sun Men from Jil Sander, Deep Red by Hugo Boss, Dior Star and Trussardi's Uomo.

    The women's scent has a so-called "oceanic" top note that's mixed with an accent of Granny Smith apple and lemon. Heart notes, which are described as being as cool as an exotic fruit cocktail spiked with water lily and freesia, are balanced by a woody base of sandalwood, cedar and musk.

    Prices for the edt in 30-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml. versions for her are identical to the men's scents. There's also a 150-ml. bath and shower gel, a 150-ml. body lotion and a deodorant stick, which range in price from 12 euros to 15 euros, or $14.75 to $18.40.

    To support the launch of Cool Water Game, scented pieces are planned for national lifestyle magazines, with major sampling efforts and displays at point-of-sale. In addition to a print campaign shot by Enrique Badulescu, a TV spot by Olivier van Doorne from Select Agency will be aired on wide-reaching channels such as MTV.

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    Default Re: More info on new Cool Water Game duo.

    Well, i gues we can look forward to smelling this crap everytime we open an issue of GQ.


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    Default Re: More info on new Cool Water Game duo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Indie_Guy
    Well, i gues we can look forward to smelling this crap everytime we open an issue of GQ.


    If you look closely, you'll find out that it won't be released in the US until 2007.

    But when it comes, expect the mags to be bursting with smelling strips for this junk.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

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    Default Re: More info on new Cool Water Game duo.

    Who thinks they're ACTUALLY going to hit 36 - 48 million? Because I sure don't

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