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    Default L'Artisan Sautes d'Humeur (Moodswings) mini review

    What an AMAZING little set of scents! If you don't know it, its a little set of 5 scents based on different moods.

    "Eaux de toilette set reflecting different moods. To show how you feel or hide your feelings with scents that tell different tales - “Lazy mood”, “Angry mood”, “Jealous mood”, “Joyful mood”, “Spiritual mood”. Five sprays (15ml) contained in a satin case with the “Moodswings” booklet."

    D'Humeur Jalouse (Jealous mood)

    A green scent.

    This certainly lives up to its name! A VERY green scent, just as if you had taken a fresh leaf and rubbed it between your fingers. Bright, natural, bitter and GREEN with a capital G!

    D'Humeur a Rire (Joyful mood)

    A pink scent.

    This is WONDERFUL! Truely smells like strawberry bubble gum with a tiny hint of vanilla, plump unsweetend vanilla. YUMSTERS!

    D'Humeur A Rien (Spirtual mood)

    A grey scent.

    This is VERY like Etro's Messe Du Minuit. Smells creepy, like being in an old damp church. Burnt insense from years gone by eminating from every wall and fitting. Old, dry dead flowers left on the graves of the dearly departed. CREEPY, me loves it!

    D'Humeur Massacrante (Angry mood)

    A red scent.

    Firey with cinnamon, clove and other spices. Also some dry woods in there, smells like vetiver to me, NICE!

    D'Humeur Rêveuse (Lazy mood)

    A blue scent.

    This IS L'artisan's Extrait de Songe, doesn't just smell LIKE it it ACTUALLY IS! Lovely smooth calm scent, really does smell blue! Hay and some soft fruits (maybe blueberry!) with a very light floral note too. LOVE IT!

    So there you go!

    More info is available on the L'artisan web site HERE
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    Default Re: L'Artisan Sautes d'Humeur (Moodswings) mini re

    Thanks for the review, CoL! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    I've often wondered what that "scent toy" would be like.
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    Default Re: L'Artisan Sautes d'Humeur (Moodswings) mini re

    I was just looking at this batch of scents today and I'm eager to lay my hands on it. But Col²'s words are the only ones written about it that I've seen. Could anyone else comment on these any further?

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