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    Default Amouge & Montale


    Once again I come for help in the great encyclopedia of information and the vast knowledge of the basenotes community.

    Any comments on Amouge products and Montale products would be helpful.

    Has anybody tried them ?

    If you did, did you like them?


    P.S. I did put this on the female fragrance discussion also.

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    I have samples of 3 Amouge edt's, Ciel, Dia and Silver, of the 3 i like Dia, i'm 23 and it'll take me another 15 years to pull these off. Not a huge fan because of the initial reaction that they all remind me of bathroom sanitizers.

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    I think you need a very well-developed nose to estimate the Amouage scents fully..
    Dia and Arcus are the only ones I could have worn as my SotD - the others are just smelling like bathroom-sanitizers, and baby powder.
    As for Montale, I haven't tried any of them

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    Montale...never tried.

    After an e-mail inquiry, Amouge sent me samples of Dia and Silver Cologne. *Dia smells like some odor I used to smell in my grandma's bathroom as a joke. *Probably some soap, or perfume, I don't remember. *So, for me, this fragrance will never be more than a nostalghia-inducing remind me of my grandma's bathroom when I was a kid! *:P

    Dia, on the other hand, is absolutely magnificent. *It's fresh, sexy incense. *I wasn't overly fond of it at first, but as my second mini-spray sampler is approaching empty, I'm getting really bummed out about how much it's going to cost me if I wish to continue indulging in Dia's glory. *This is one fragrance that has really grown on me, and has sooo proven that some fragrances require multiple wearings to appreciate. *And, FWIW, I'm 27, and don't think Dia is in any way inappropriate(if you hold to the notion that certain fragrances are bound to an age category) for my age group.

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    I have tried all of the Amounage (except Arcus) and all of the Montale. The were only 2-3 that intrigued in the Montale line up but overall, I found none of them worth purchasing. Yes, the illussive montale does not phase me in the least. I like most Amouage fragrances but thereagain, with the exception of Ciel and Arcus(never tried but I hear it is fresh), Gold, Silver, and dia all have that frankenscense and baby powder feel to it. They remind me of a much better stetson or chaps.

    Although I feel I like amouage better as a house as opposed to montale, I have not been captured and placed under a spell with any of them. Long live Creed!

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    Default Re: Amouge & Montale

    Amouage Gold and Creed BdP are the only frags in my top tier.

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