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    Default Spray vs. Vial - Does It Make Any Difference?

    Does how you apply a fragrance (spray vs. vial) matter when it comes to staying power and projection? *

    I've been testing a bunch of new frags recently. *When I tested Style in Play I had a sample vial and dabbed quite a bit on my neck, but I could hardly smell anything. *I kept dabbing, but still could barely smell anything. *Before that I'd used mini-spray testers with other frags - staying power and projection seemed fine.

    So, I'm wondering if it's just that Style in Play has no projection, or does applying from a vial somehow result in less projection and staying power than using a spray?

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    Default Re: Spray vs. Vial - Does It Make Any Difference?

    The mode of application shouldnt affect this. A roll-on gets more concentration on a smaller area, good for the wrist and pulse points, while an atmoizer just kinda mists it whereever you point it.

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