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    Ok, let me explain...

    Gianfranco Ferre GFF apparrently comes in 2 versions...the original in the clear cylindrical bottle, and a bronze colored cylindrical bottle.

    Well, I have and love the first, a very fresh and somehwat soapy smelling unisex scent in the style of CK One, but the second one, the GFF Bronze or GFF Men...not sure what the exact name is, is definitely a different composition altogether. Having found very little info on the net, and what I did find I think must have been wrong, I hunted down a bottle and finally got to sniff this lontime lemming.


    What a disappointment. Very hard to describe, as all the notes seemed to blend together, but this had a very strong "perfumey" presence. Reminded me of an old bottle of suntan lotion with a strange metallic edge. Nothing really stuck out, but I imagine there were some white floral notes set against some woody notes and a little musk. Very strong with very little character, I can see why this was so hard to find! So let me wrap this up. Trust me on this one. If you were looking for it, stop looking and forget about it. Nothing redeeming about this one.

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    Interesting your reaction to it.

    I must admit to being puzzled with it the first times I tried it. Firstly, the bottle is very hard to tell apart from the female version (which has a slightly darker coloured bottle, and an F on the cap instead of an M - which isn't of much use if you buy the tester without the cap).

    The men's one starts out a tad feminine and then transmutes to something more masculine. The women's one does the opposite. I initially thought my ladyfriend and I had mixed up our bottles!

    However, when I finally gave it a full testing out one day in the office, I was very impressed with it - this chypre put a certain zing into my day.

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    Marlen, I appreciate your view about this scent. It`s been tickling me for some time now, and I have been thinking to order it blind. But like you said, it`s been very difficult to get any information about it, and since I basically don`t buy anything completely blind, I haven`t (obviously) bought it.

    Such a shame you didn`t like it at all. I was kind of hoping this to be a real hidden treasure, but what can you do...
    Perfumeworld has very interesting description for it, and also I think that bottle is quite marvelous. But I guess it doesn`t make it, although I still must consider my actions with the possible purchase... :

    Ps. I wonder where was Renato, when I just recently made a questioning thread concerning this scent..? :-?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pigeon Murderer

    Ps. I wonder where was Renato, when I just *recently made a questioning thread concerning this scent..? *:-?
    I was probably down at the beach - we're in the middle of a heat wave down here, and I'm nearing the halfway mark of my 10 week vacation. Unfortunately, my habits from work continue into my vacation, and I tend to put in 8 hour days down the beach, and some times I even do overtime.

    I did a post on GFF when I got it cheap about six weeks or so ago, and there were quite a number of positive responses to GFF there.

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