After a long deliberation,and since i love to make some of my own scents :P , i decided to pay tons of money for the no-name Gardenia grandiflora absolue from -le's call it- "X location" , i also got a "white musk absolue" (is there such a thing?) , a jasmin absolue and a sandalwood absolue also.
Now the thing is, i have never EVER smelled something so powerful and heady like this gardenia absolue (i want to say that it really pays to have a friend in the scent industry *cough-bribe-cough*) and when i got the 5 ml dark little bottle i thought why so many $$$ for such a thingy?
I thought i was ripped off.
Then as i held it and saw inside the ambery liquid, wich in reality was a oily yellow, I wondered if i was better off if i have just gotten instead another quality sandalwood from another country to accompany the other one i got.. then i just put it in a bag and then inside another zip bag (as i was recommended to do) and the i put it away in my suitcase (i was travelling)...then it started to smell. I haven't opened it yet and thought it broke or something and there it was that smell enveloping eveything i touched and smelled..i thought i was down the drain!
When i got home i opened the bags and it wasn't broke at all but i saw ONE miserable drop to the outside of the glass and it smelled sweet flowery and i thought: is this what gardenias really smelled like? ...
Then i opened the oil mini-bottles and i got what i expected: the musk was lovely and velvety , the sandalwood was amazing -one of my favorite notes- and the jasmin was top quality ...but then...but then i opened the gardenia bottle and it hit me.
It hit me like a huge truck with high lights in the middle of the night and i didn't know what to do or where to go...But i survided and didn't die and didn't pass out...and what i smelled was the most heady, most isolated, pure, rich, sweet floral ever! I was blown away but i didn't know if i loved it or hated it. It slaps you in the face and it's unapologetic and it fells like it was screaming to me: see? i'm rich and expensive and cloying!
i didn't even wanna take a deep whiff as i thought that maybe then, i would really pass out...needless to say i was very happy i had the glory to smell such a thing and now it's mine!!.... in the closed a double bag...wich is in a wooden box...wich is inside a carton box...wich is inside a shoe box ...wich is in a dark place in the closet..away from the other oils!
My sister did NOT like it and almost yelled at me from the other room to close it when i opened it.

that's it.
a little story to share.