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    Default Essenza Di Zegna

    Got a little tester spray of this one, and I'm wearing it today.
    Very Citrus (grapefruit) top, for sure, but the citrus hangs pretty well...and there's something piney underneath, as well, which is very nice.

    I've seen it classed as a "fresh" frag, but to me it's very citrus...and I note that on Leffingwell's chart, those are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Anyone have any opinion about this?

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    In my world, "fresh" and "citrus" are different kinds of classification. It's like "cold" and "spicy" when you talk about food. Cold food can also be spicy. I'd consider all the citruses I've tested "fresh". Some frags can have citrus notes without being considered a citrus. Those are note necessarily fresh. I'd consider all the frags I've tried that are based on citrus "fresh" though.

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    Default Re: Essenza Di Zegna

    This is definitely my Christmas time frag as it just reminds me of it so much. *Maybe it's the pine. *Great frag. I would't classify this as a citrus or a clean but more of a woody scent then anything.

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