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    Default cruelty-free fragrances

    I've read that a number of ingredients derived from animals are sometimes used in fragrances, the most common being musk. Does anyone know in general how much of the musk used in fragrances is animal-derived and how much is synthetic, or in particular which fragrances contain what?

    I found a post ( explaining that The Perfumer's Guild doesn't use animal products or do animal testing. Does anyone know if any other design houses have such policies?

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    Default Re: cruelty-free fragrances

    To my knowledge natural animal ingridients are basically history. (with some exceptions)

    Unfortunetly, animal testing is another case...

    Body Shop, for instance, is completely "animal free".

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    Default Re: cruelty-free fragrances

    If anyone else is interested, I found this list of companies that do and do not use civet. Unfortunately it's almost 6 years old:

    I'm still looking for information about other ingredients and testing practices.
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    Default Re: cruelty-free fragrances

    Haha, it was quite funny to see Jean Patou not responding. I guess "Joy" would have insist *yes* for an answer...

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