Well, Iím pretty much doing what Indie did back in November/December. I donít know if you guys noticed (probably not ;D); I havenít logged on or bothered posting in a while.

I just need some time to relax and get away from this hobby, I havenít even visited this site in the past two to three weeks and itís been great. I was always taking time between classes to next for new post, etc.. and it was taking some of my time. This hobby was getting to be a little additive, so I wanted to have some time off. So maybe I could control myself. I basically forced myself not to post and then pulled more extreme measures by not even visiting the site. It took me a while to get away but I did.

One of the things I need to control was how I spent my money. I was constantly buying stuff blind and buying things because of hype. Iím doing well now and I havenít bought anything since November . Also I hate having too many fragrances, because you put off wearing the fragrances you really love, and when you do wear them, you neglected the other bottles, just letting them seat there and collect dust. Iím in the middle of clearing most of my wardrobe (gave some stuff to my younger brother), I'm constructing a ďperfectĒ wardrobe. Iím trying to keep it down to 5 or less. So far I got L'artisan VDR in there. I dropped a few things that I really love like D&G PH(way too popular) and Rive Gauche(Love it but I don't think I can pull of wearing it).

Anyways, I don't want to bore you with my problems so I'll stop. I thought about leaving for good, but I thought about just taking some time off first and then Iíll see what happens next, Wish me luck ;D.