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    Default Pulling An Indie

    Well, Iím pretty much doing what Indie did back in November/December. I donít know if you guys noticed (probably not ;D); I havenít logged on or bothered posting in a while.

    I just need some time to relax and get away from this hobby, I havenít even visited this site in the past two to three weeks and itís been great. I was always taking time between classes to next for new post, etc.. and it was taking some of my time. This hobby was getting to be a little additive, so I wanted to have some time off. So maybe I could control myself. I basically forced myself not to post and then pulled more extreme measures by not even visiting the site. It took me a while to get away but I did.

    One of the things I need to control was how I spent my money. I was constantly buying stuff blind and buying things because of hype. Iím doing well now and I havenít bought anything since November . Also I hate having too many fragrances, because you put off wearing the fragrances you really love, and when you do wear them, you neglected the other bottles, just letting them seat there and collect dust. Iím in the middle of clearing most of my wardrobe (gave some stuff to my younger brother), I'm constructing a ďperfectĒ wardrobe. Iím trying to keep it down to 5 or less. So far I got L'artisan VDR in there. I dropped a few things that I really love like D&G PH(way too popular) and Rive Gauche(Love it but I don't think I can pull of wearing it).

    Anyways, I don't want to bore you with my problems so I'll stop. I thought about leaving for good, but I thought about just taking some time off first and then Iíll see what happens next, Wish me luck ;D.

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    Default Re: Pulling An Indie

    Understandable. Good luck! We`ll see you later!

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    Default Re: Pulling An Indie

    Hey I went through a real rough patch a few years of my best friends passed away suddenly while I was on vacation. It knocked me for such a whammy that I had to take stock of MY life....I took a break from Basenotes after that...the frags just were not doing it for me during that time....So I say all that to say, there is nothing wrong with taking a's probably a little ;D

    Live Life,

    Giving Life My All And Improving Every Day

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    I understand how you must feel, even though I'm new to the game. As human beings we have been given access to almost everything we desire (if we have the financial freedom), and the trick is to not let yourself become overpowered. The sufi sage Hadrat Ali once said, "An ascetic is not one does not own anything, it is that nothing owns him." So when you are ready, come back, but untill then what you are doing is very healthy and will make you a stronger person by taking your desires into account.

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    Default Re: Pulling An Indie


    Aww, flattered by your thread title.

    And the truth is, yes I was "Pulling an Otto!"

    Yeah, you will feel good taking a hiatus, getting your mind off of this place for a while. I did notice that you hadn't posted much. I do feel that a person should have the courtesy to announce when they are going away for a while, as there have been so many great members here who simply stopped posting and it makes one a little sad and curious. So thanks for letting us know why you won't be around. We will miss you on here, so please, do come back. Plus its easier to stick to your hiatus if you announce it.

    I was actually thinking about taking another break again already. My hiatus was useful in helping me achieve one goal I had set- to get over my allergies and addiction to nasal spray. If i take another hiatus, it will be to work on some music projects. I need to do this one day soon. Not quite yet though.

    But back to you, I do think it will be a very mind-clearing experience to take a "fast" from Basenotes. But don't stay away too long!

    best wishes,


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    Default Re: Pulling An Indie

    Good luck man! I'm also in the same boat now, trying to cut down my budget and my wardrobe. To be honest, I'm really happy with my collection now, so I will try to purchase only really good ones. It's just not worth the money and not to mention the discussions with my wife, but DAMN!, it's hard. So many releases, sigh! It can become a really adictive , and a bit ridiculous hobby. All the best , and keep on posting once in a while. It doesn't matter if you have 3, 30 or 300 bottles , to post here , does it?


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