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    Default Creed Vetiver 1948

    This is the best vetiver I have come in contact with. I have sampled most all the others and this one is not only true to the root but absolutely wearable! It is much better than anything Guerlain if some of you are wondering. Someone asked how it compares to OV. Well, if you actually like to smell a hint of real vetiver, 1948 is the best. It is fresh while displaying the edge of vetiver root. Creed does it wel. If you are not into a classy, refined fragrance that is multidimensional and you want a vetiver that is fresh without that hint of the root, you may like OV better. The 1948 is class in a bottle and I strongle suggest some of you to check it out!

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    I agree entirely. The Creed is eminently wearable.

    Guerlain Vetiver, in my opinion, is the rankest and most foul concotion ever developed, save for my garlic, pasta, and oregano farts.

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    I agree too. Of my several Creeds, this and MI are the ones I would wear without hesitation in most situations. My first vetiver purchase was SMN's version, which is another great choice if you like a seriously recognizable hit of vetiver. But the SMN is nowhere near so multidimensional or refined (good choice of terms) as the Creed, my second vetiver, and I seldom wear it anymore. And if there will be a third vetiver in my wardrobe, I think it's unlikely to be any of the others I've sampled to date.
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