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    Does anyone have this 40+ year old frag? I have talked to people who love this old scent, but can't find it anywhere locally. I am thinking about ordering it blind from Scentiments (God, here I go again!), but would like some feedback from some of you guys who own it.

    Good, safe, blind buy or not?



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    Carnation, musk, a dash of pepper, lavender and some amber. Classic. Very rich on the carnation though, so not anything for haters of this note. I like it. A lot. My father has always worn this and it feels like you canīt really go wrong with it. You should be able to find it EXTREMELY cheap as well. Superb value for money IMHO.Go for it.


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    Actually I chose it for my SOTD today; I'm smelling it right now. It's great--I always feel so fresh and clean wearing it. Last for hours. I agree with MMM that the only problem might be the carnation--some don't like it. I do.

    It's really inexpensive but so much better than a lot of frags at 2-3 times the price.

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    Yep, simply put the story is this : You can`t go wrong with it.

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