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    Does anyone have this 40+ year old frag? I have talked to people who love this old scent, but can't find it anywhere locally. I am thinking about ordering it blind from Scentiments (God, here I go again!), but would like some feedback from some of you guys who own it.

    Good, safe, blind buy or not?



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    Carnation, musk, a dash of pepper, lavender and some amber. Classic. Very rich on the carnation though, so not anything for haters of this note. I like it. A lot. My father has always worn this and it feels like you can´t really go wrong with it. You should be able to find it EXTREMELY cheap as well. Superb value for money IMHO.Go for it.


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    Actually I chose it for my SOTD today; I'm smelling it right now. It's great--I always feel so fresh and clean wearing it. Last for hours. I agree with MMM that the only problem might be the carnation--some don't like it. I do.

    It's really inexpensive but so much better than a lot of frags at 2-3 times the price.
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    Yep, simply put the story is this : You can`t go wrong with it.

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