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    Default BLV or BLV NOTTE

    I've not smelled either one, but would like your opinions/reviews on both or either. Thanks!
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    Blv for me. One of my Bvlgari faves.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    BLV Notte
    to paraphrase Heinz, it's a BLV with a kick.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    I like both of these. We're talking about essentially the same perfume here, with some minor differences. It's a bit like hearing a symphony you like played by different orchestras. The renditions may be a bit different, but you know immediately that you're listening to the same piece of music. Both have a "soapy" quality, with a nice touch of ginger, that I like. And they both stay fairly close to the skin in my experience - they're not sharp fragrances - which makes them a good fit for office wear.

    I've just bought a bottle of the Blv Notte, because I was able to get it on special. But really, I'd probably be equally happy with either of these. They're variations on the same theme.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    BLV NOTTE seems to be winning. It might be more appropriate for cooler weather, maybe?
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    BLV for me

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    Now that I own and have worn both of these, I can say that my preference is BLV NOTTE.

    Quote Originally Posted by maksidrom
    BLV paraphrase Heinz, it's a BLV with a kick.
    I agree! *[smiley=thumbsup.gif]
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    Blu Notte for me--no contest. It's much more complex and balanced and a lot more interesting. Blu has gotten cloying. Blu doesn't seem to have the same style or craftmanship as a rest of the Bulgaris. Blu Notte is superior.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    Either way, all this talk of Bulgari Blu reminds me that I need to go get my Blu out of the old drobe and put in on the shelf. Really underrated IMO. One of the "forgotten ones" in my collection. When i'm thinking about what to wear, it rarely occurs to me to wear Blu. And everytime I DO wear Blu, its a real pleasure. Itsa nice change of pace club scent that goes really well with a black or dark blue shirt.

    Alot of people slag this one and say that it is Bulgari's worst, but its probably the one I like the most. It kind of has a warm fuzzy, soft detergent smell to it that is really comforting. This scent kind of fills the same niche in a collection as a scent like Chanel Allure Pour Homme.

    I thought Blu Notte was pretty similar to Blu. True it might be a bit better, as some say but I can't justify the redundancy when I already have a full bottle of Blu to wear. I don't Blu is "missing" that chocolate note. It might be a nice addition, in the Blu Notte, but I think Blu is fine as is.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    Sorry guys but I didn't like either one of these. Both I felt were approaching "cloying" on me. Thankfully, neither was very long lasting.

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    I too can't abide by Blv or Blv Notte. Cloying is right, they just smell wrong to me. I chose Blv though, because its been tolerable on others around me. Blv Notte makes me gag just walking by the bottle. It is the frag which elicits the single worst response from me. haaaaate it

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    Default Re: BLV or BLV NOTTE

    Hmmm- I like the BLV. I guess standing back and looking at the whole Bulgari collection BLV is sort of a departure from the rest of their stuff. However I love that gingery blast- it's somehow cooling instead of hot- the way I usually think of ginger. I find it fresh, cool, casual, yet refined enough to wear it out at night. The Notte is similar enough to be redundant if you already have the other one.

    Just a general comment: Even though I tend to like the Bulgari line, sometimes I find their fragrances a little on the "safe" side (excepting Black perhaps with it's burning rubber note.) However for me, they fill in what would otherwise be a void in my fragrance collection. Sometimes a safe fragrance that is subtle and well made is the only way to go.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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