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    Default hanae mori - edp or edt?


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    Default Re: hanae mori - edp or edt?

    I prefer the EDP. The EDT has a clashing sharp citrus note that gets tiring to me at the end of the day. It's less prominent in the EDP version.

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    Default Re: hanae mori - edp or edt?

    Neither as HM is just too sugary sweet (Ea de Frootloops). It is a nice frag, don't get me wrong but once I smelled Geir, it was over for all the other sweet frags.
    I would get the EDP version just because EDP is almost always better. Never smelled the EDT.

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    Default Re: hanae mori - edp or edt?

    I find the EDP a bit cloying. The parfum does have a more pronounce chocolate note, but it also gets more powdery, so I'm going to have to suggest the EDT.

    It's all a matter of what you like. I suggest you give it a try first, Neiman Marcus usually carry both the EDT and EDP.

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    Default Re: hanae mori - edp or edt?

    I own and wear the HM edt and enjoy it. As well, I have been enjoying the various edp versions of several edt fragrances that I own, like Jaipur, Opium, etc.

    Yet each time I test the HM edp against the edt I am at a loss to discern any great difference. For example, when you compare the Jaipur edp against the edt the obvious differences are more than noticeable. Likewise with the Opium edt compared to the edp.

    I've tried the edp several times at the local fragrance bar but can't justify the purchase.

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    Default Re: hanae mori - edp or edt?

    I STRONGLY prefer the EdP, as the EdT has a cloying floral smell that I can't stand. The EdP is somewhat floral, but the floral notes are muted and the citrus and oakmoss notes are more prominent.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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