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    Default my discontinued haul

    I went to a local perfume store that carries many discontinued and hard to find fragrances yesterday. I cam home with bottles 1/2 oz or more of:

    Pascal Morabito OR Black - Love this one! Spicey and leathery this moves into my top 5
    Balenciaga Portos - Great old school spicey smooth
    Montana Parfum d'Homme- Another spicey treasure some people compare it to Havana but I've never tried it
    Hugo Boss Sport- A spicey fresh sport scent. Why can't they make them like this anymore.

    Please give me your thoughts on these. Some others I tried and really liked were Ho Hang Club and Davidoff Relax.

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    Default Re: my discontinued haul

    These are all new to me and your quick descirption of the first one make me a bit excited and curious to find out more about it. Can't wait for a more in depth review!

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    Default Re: my discontinued haul

    I have and enjoy all of the discontinued fragragances you were lucky enough to purchase. Could you please tell me where this store is?
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    Default Re: my discontinued haul

    I only have Boss Sport of those you mentioned. Actually, I haven`t even tried others.

    I like Boss Sport a lot. It`s very very interesting and weird Fougere scent. Very fresh, kind of synthetic (in a good way), and soapy. I absolutely love it.
    It`s very green scent with the feel of warm summer forests. I smell pine needles there. Very unique.

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    Default Re: my discontinued haul

    Of your haul, the only one I know is the Montana, which is currently in "heavy rotation" this season. It is a spicy, musky tobacco scent that goes on a bit heavy but calms down magnificently. I'm quite fond of it. Can't say how it compares to Havana, though.

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    Default Re: my discontinued haul

    I have the Pacal Morabito Black. It's one of the best leather scent ever made, spicy black leather that stays with you and couples with a floral note in the final stage.
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