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Thread: 212 Revisited

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    Default 212 Revisited

    Iīve always beem sceptical about 212 before and donīt care much for Herreraīs scents generally (with For Men being the big exception). But now after buying a lot of heavy stuff like Trumperīs Sandalwood, Floris Santal and receiving the dirty Kiehlīs musk from a New York friend, Iīm really in the mood for something light and fresh again. I resampled 212 on my left wrist a couple of days ago and itīs still going stromg on my watch strap, indicating at least good longevity, maybe even great. The floral bit that bothered me before doesnīt anymore and just feels pleasant, and the light incense combined with white pepper and musk is quite appealing. There are a lot of post-christmas sales now, and Iīm sure I could get it cheap. So any fedd back from owners of this one is very welcome. Also there was talk a while ago that the original formula has been changed, is this true?


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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    I have to mention the similarity to Creed's Tabaróme Millésime again. I might actually prefer 212 over Creed's scent.

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    I can uderstand the similarity, both have a lot of ginger for sure. But for me there are 2 major differences, enough to want to get 212, I have the Creed, - the tobacco in the latter and the gardenia in 212. This makes tabarome a lot sharper and more masculine, while the Herrera is more soft and unisex. Although there is definitely a "metallic" bite to 212 that is similar to the Creed house note. IMO Chic is very close to Millesime Imperial as well.


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    It is definitely very very long lasting (to the point of being suffocating if you overspray by just a couple of spritzes) but I like it because of it's unusual morphing character. My favourite mossy-green fragrances...

    Anyway, are you in the States? I have seen tons of 212 bottles at several discount stores here right after Xmas, along with Celine PH. Coincidence? Anyway, I wasn't too impressed with Celine, I think I may have mossy-green fatigue.

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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    Not in the states Maksi, Sweden. But since itīs very mainstream Iīm sure I'll be able to find it cheap.


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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    MMM, I agree with Shifts in (possibly) prefering 212 to Taborome, but, saying that, the truth is that I don't care for Taborome very much. Taborome has excellent notes but it has no lasting power on my skin. 212 has a great green aspect to it which is very long lasting and thus, beats Taborome, but on me it doesn't develop from the basic green very much.

    I have to vote no to 212 because the grassy note is all it seems to have and that it gets rather boring after a while. As far as green goes, Gucci Nobile is my hands down winner. If 212 develops beyond the green on you then you should get it because its green is remarkable.

    (I'm with you that Herrera for Men is excellent.)

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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    Thnaks Foetidus. I too own and love Gucci Nobile but you have to agree that it is of an entirely different caliber, powerful, mossy and extremely masculine. I really donīt get so much green from 212, on my skin itīs much more of a light (but ever present) musk wth dashes of pepper, ginger, incense and gardenia. If it would be a colour, white is much more in line with the impression that I get from it. I do agree that it doesnīt change much over time, the floral part just gets a tad stronger.

    More thoughts please,


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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    212 is definitely unique as far as fresh scents go but the grass and ginger just don't do it for me. The combo has a slight bitter edge and sometimes it comes off as smelling like something sour/stale to my nose. For green scents, how about green tea? I recently discovered Yang a couple months ago and it's my favorite green scent by far. Aside from the green notes, it has an herbal touch so there's a little smokiness going on. It's fresh, unique, long lasting, and has sillage to boot. The drydown is also woody and musky.

    I still voted 'yes' because if you can find 212 for a really good price, then it may be worth it especially if you wear it often. However I'd never pay retail price for it. I wish you luck in buying a good scent!

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    It is a unique scent and one of my fav herrera. But, although it has been since around the year 2000 since I owned a bottle, I am not persueded to buy another. It has a special place in my heart for a reason and perhaps someday I will get another bottle? I am not a big fan of the gardenia note but thankfully it is not very prevalent.

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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    changed the formula? i hope not!

    212 is my throw on scent, cuz i usually throw it on as im leaving to go to class. probably one of the most unique fresh scents i'ver come across.

    if you've ever tried CHIC i believe it has some of the same base notes, bc after i've had them on for a long period of time they both dissapate into the same musky end. i think CHIC is just fruitier 212 minus the metallicness.

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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    Anybody remember the debate from the old days...

    "212 smells like I peed my pants"

    Anyone remember that? just curious.

    I just dug out the 212 Men, and dammit if it doesn't smell pretty good.

    BUT someone mentioned that sour/stale accord, and I have to be fair and admit that most but not all of the time, i do get that "stale" note from 212.

    On the plus side a girl i was making out with loved my 212.

    But on the negative side, that stale note is just so assertive sometimes.

    Seriously, can any of you old-skoolers EVER hear the word "212" and NOT think of Jeffery P? *Even if you see a phone number with the area code 212. *It's pretty sad.

    For you semi-newbs, newsflash! *The "pee" fragrance of the past wasn't Kouros. *It was 212 Men.

    BTW. I saw small bottles of 212 Men at TJ MAXX for like $20. but the weird thing was the small, flat squarish box it came in. There is no way that the cylindrical bottle of 212 Men could fit in the box. I wonder what these new bottles looked like.

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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    Yeah it comes in a 30 ml limited edition square flacon to, looks like a shorter version of the DKNY-sky scraper bottle. Transparent glass too, as opposed to the original packaging. I think Ill probably buy one of those, the smell (increasingly pleasant) never seems to leave my watch- strap, and as always after discussing possible purchases here, my inner hype has grown to the point where not owning it seems unthinkable. Funny how we work


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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    I don`t think they have changed the formula. For Gods sake, why would they have done that, since the frag has been constantly quite succesfull..?
    It is quite irritating to see these "changed formula" speaks taking over, more and more.

    Btw, I voted yes. I think 212 is great fresh scent for the summer (in Sweden), and of course it has also that cool bottle. So yes I like it, although I think it is a scent which is definetely at it`s best sraight from the bottle.

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    Default Re: 212 Revisited

    A friend of mine just gave me his bottle of 212 Men (more than half full) today. I asked him what he wanted for it but was perfectly happy with a counterfeit Gucci PH he got from me several months ago. And he knew it was counterfeit! Today he got to smell the real stuff and he prefered his version hehe. Well, I'm certainly not complaining.

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