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    Default En Sens de Bois (Miller Harris)

    Miller Harris has what they call Nouvelle Edition Collection. One of them is En Sens de Bois. According to the description on their web...

    "Deeply embedded with sensual references to Japanese temples, gardens and incense, these experiences inspired Lyn to translate the true essence of wood. The uniqueness of this fragrance is all about the careful balancing of the woods; cedar, santal, patchouli, vetiver, bois des landes, gently enhanced with mosses, cade, amber, iris, carrot and ambrette seed....."
    * * * * * * * * * * * * ( )

    And this is what they say on Bois de Jasmin...

    Just because their online shop is available only to those living in UK. I wrote and asked them how I could obtain a sample of this fragrance. They took their time, but they kindly emailed me back and told me they would send me a small sample of En Sens de Bois. Well,[ch12288]I finally got the sample today. Actually they sent me two sample vials!

    Well, they sent me these sample vials for free. Therefore, probably, I should not say anything bad. But let me try to describe the scent as homestly as I can....

    As the name says, it's woody. Cedarwood and pines are there. Some smokiness is there as well. The word "smokey woods" might remind you of some Serge Lutens fragrances, but this one is different. It smells like you're surrounded by rotten woods lying decaying and having mold growning on them on the wet ground after rain. And to make it worse, someone is burning some of these woods and you get the smokey ash in the air all over around you. Then it starts to rain again for some reasons and your clothes end up getting wet with these smelly ashes of dead woods.

    Probably, "unisex woody" is correct, but I think there are two kinds of unisex fragrances. One is something both men and women can enjoy, and the other neither can truly enjoy. En Sens de Bois may belong to the latter group. The word "Japanese temples, gardens and incense" sounded very attractive, but without any agarwood or obvious sandalwood notes, I find it very hard to relate this fragrance to my country (Japan).

    Thank you, Miller Harris, But I just cannot get to like En Sens de Bois......


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    Default Re: En Sens de Bois (Miller Harris)

    I second this. I've also tried two other fragrances for the nouvelle edition collection - Cuir d'oranger and Piment des baises. Cuir d'oranger has citrus (orange) top notes and a leather basenote. Unfortunately, I don't like leather notes at all. There is a nice between between the two notes, but it's not something I would buy. Piment des baises starts off fresh. Almost remindes me of Floris - Santal, but after setteling down, the pepper note comes through and overall, I like this very much. But fragrances from the Nouvelle edition are twice as expensive as the normal range and I can't justify spending that much on a fragrance that is only 'very nice'.

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