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    Default Multiple Leather Scents

    I've had Gomma by Etro for about a year, somewhat recently added the rather similar Knize Ten, and today purchased Creed's Royal English Leather. I'm glad I can detect enough differences among these to justify (at the times of the second and third purchases, anyway) owning all three. Still, I wonder if I'm going to end up favoring one (REL?) while the others languish. Any thoughts on this, or about distinctions among these three that I might find useful on days when I want to wear a leather but can't decide which one.

    A pretty weighty issue, I know
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    Haven't smelled REL, but in my opinion Gomma is much simpler than Knize Ten. I like both, but Gomma is great to layer with other scent because of it's simplicity.

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    Should you decide to retire Ten, im sure you can move it quickly on the boards here, as it is hard-to-come-by and has a certain degree of prestige to it.

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    From what I recall, I believe Knize Ten had a bit more spice to it than REL, but both seem to have a common mandarin note; I prefer Knize Ten. Also REL didn't last on my skin, maybe it will on yours. Don't know anything about Gomma.
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    I`d recommend to find a little more leather scents to dig in.
    Like Montale`s Oud Cuir d`Arabie, SL Cuir Mauresque, Guerlain`s Derby and Caron`s Tabac Blonde...
    Not to mention vintage Bandit by Piguet and Cuir de Lancome
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    I'm surprised that the classic Chanel's Cuir de Russie hasn't been mentioned. To me, it is the epitome of leather scents.
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