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    Default Most Tested Frag?

    Hey guys...

    DO you have one scent that you keep sampling everytime you are at a counter, again and again, and have maybe even gone into a store specifically for it, but have yet to buy it? Im this way with Platinum Egoiste. I love it and cant count how many times Ive tried it on, but just never buy it. Dunno why this is... anybody else?

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    Wow, as i was reading your post i was thinking in my mind i knew exactly what you meant and the fragrance that i was thinking of was Platinum Egoiste too! I love it, but it's just so potent that i may not be comfortable wearing it for fear of scaring people off.

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    I have a 5ml-sample of Musc Ravageur which I keep testing on various occasions. I think it's really great but I'm trying to determine if the rather hefty pricetag is justified. The same goes for my samples of Lorenzo Villoresi's Musk and Amouage's Dia, although I'm pretty sure I'm never going to buy the last one due to the over-expensiveness

    As for sampling in the shops: almost everytime I'm there, I take a quick sniff of Guerlain's Vetiver... but I'm still undecided.

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    I must have tested Platinum a dozen times. I like it but I don't buy it.
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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    Eau Sauvage - I tested this so many times, I might as well put the money down and buy myself a bottle. I have samples of Creed OV and remain undecided.

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    I've been testing Egoïste and Platinum Egoïste countless times, I think they both rock, but as I haven't planned to buy a new frag right now, I'll just go in the shop to smell them...
    Others: Armani Mania, don't really know what to think about this one. Higher and Higher Energy.
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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    I'll have to admit that I've done the same with Platinum Egoiste as well! I really can't think of anything else which I've tried as many times.
    In rotation: Greenbriar (new), Silver Mountain Water, Dunhill for Men (1934), Acqua di Parma Colonia, Habit Rouge EDC, Ho Hang, B*Men, Agua Brava

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    Hahaha, stores must be wondering why the Egoiste testers are always depleated, but sales are so low :

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    For me, it's Boucheron's Jaipur Homme.

    I've tested both the EdT and EdP versions on both my skin and smelling strips, and I'm still trying to decide if this scent is for me...
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    Aqua de Gio..... I enjoy the smell enough to keep sampling it, but hate the concept enough to not buy it. I'm thinking of helping distract myself by getting m7 fresh/Guerlin Vetiver/Vetiver Frozen.

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    I've been doing this with Lolita Lempicka as of late. I cannot get past that vamiila note which ruins it for me. Otherwise I would love it. For a scent with anise, I will be getting rive gauche soon enough. (ahhh, just caught a whiff of my kyoto!)

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    I've done this with most of the Chanel scents... I guess I'm a victim of all the Chanel publicity campaigns.
    « L'odeur de rose, faible, grâce au vent léger d'été qui passe, se mêle aux parfums qu'elle a mis.»
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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    I'm this way with Platinum Egoiste too! Everytime I see it I'll sample it, and I love it, but something just keeps me from being interested in a purchase.

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    In a word: Kouros. To be honest, I like it but being that I have yet to have any of my friends/relatives not gag when they smell it, I just cant force myself to buy it. (Though I have tested it everytime I get the chance).

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    LOL, what a great post ... there are those ones where you're just like - yes - but no - maybe - a -whole- bottle .... ?? Aaaaaargh!!!

    I have a sample of MH Cuir D'Oranger that I really quite like and often put on if I'm working at home (or rather slacking reading BN ), but ...

    Tea for Two I am fascinated by, I just don't know if I would -wear- it ... also Dzing!, just because I feel like one day it will suddenly 'click' ...

    New Haarlem, cos it's lovely, but I sooo can't afford it (130GBP!!! What DO they think they're doing? More than twice as much as Creed? Madness!)

    Citrus scents generally. Still looking ...

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    M7 for me. I keep testing it and I like it, I do, but for some reason, I never have the push to actually put money down for it.

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    Default Re: Most Tested Frag?

    it's well worth it

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