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Thread: Arpege Homme

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    Default Arpege Homme

    Tested it today and just couldn't get past the smokey black licorice smell...just didn't hit me....although the sales lady kept saying I smelled REALLY good ;D

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    I actually liked this one. I get a little bit of Escada Casual Friday out of it.

    Don't know if I'm going to get the full sized bottle yet though. I thought it was nice but it didn't blow me away. I'm also not sure of the longevity. I sampled it at Nordie's when I bought the Jack Black Liquid Magnetism trio and, by the time I got home, I could barely smell it.

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    I detected the Jasmine....Thought that this was nice....may pick one up some day.

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    I was at Nordstrom yesterday to sample this one and just loved its top note of anise and the nutmeg middle note. Unfortunatly, within five minutes all that I adored was gone and we were at that very common smelling vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean base that these days I just can't stand. This one was a real let down...although I must say that if you like that kind of drydown then this is good for you as it was VERY long lasting.

    I ended up walking out with a bottle of the Jack Black Liquid Magnetism BLUE mark. Japanese Juniper and Ginger. Very fresh with a spicy kick, long lasting too. I really think they did a great job on these scents! I was very surprised. I will probably end up going back for the Kashmir Saffron & Red Cedar too.

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    Tested it too. Love it. And it lasted good on me.

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    Just tried this one today and like it very much.
    It's soft and woody, sweet and warm.
    I think that Dior Homme stole some of it's ideas - the softness and sweetness. Only that Dior Homme is a bit more vanillic and grows on the skin like Addict does.
    I prefer Arpege Pour Homme...
    It's very gentle and refined with no rough edges. Some men's scents need to be that way
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    When I visited Vegas, I stayed at the Caesar's Palace. Besides their Forum Shops, they had some souvenir shops where they carried tiems with Caesar's Palace logos. Then there was this fragrance called "Caesars For Men", I had to sniff it. The top as very generic and I was almost as much disappointed as Bellagio For Men, but as it dried down, very sensual sweet chocolate-ish scent (is this what we call licorice?) started to come up. It was actually very pleasant, and I almost bought a bottle. But later on, when I tried Black Code (Armani) at Sephora (at Venetian), I smelled almost the same dry-down. Obviously, Black Code smelled nicer. Then several days later, I got back from my trip and found a small 10ml decant of Arpege HommeI had ordered in my mail box. I was truly excited and sprayed on my wrists.......Caesars For Men? It's more complex, but I could not help noticing the same core scent as Caesars For Men and Black Code. Words cannot convey my disappointment, because I had been truly looking forward to this "new fragrance".....

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    Quote Originally Posted by eric
    Tested it too. Love it. And it lasted good on me.
    To my nose Arpege smells almost like deeper, darker and sweeter Rykiel Grey And me loves it too (gotta get a bottle, gotta get a bottle... )!


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    Nice scent.
    Definitely get the Anise on the initial spray....settles into a refined rendition of Envy.....i find it similar to Floris Santal (new version)....quite similar.

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    I find some similarities with Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

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    I found out what it remind s me of finally. Proximo by Geparlys.


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