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    Default Recent Bond No. 9 Experiences

    Got my Riverside yesterday (3.3 OZ for $66 off Ebay!). Really good scent! It's a combo of Creed Green Valley/Fahrenheit/Paul Smith(green). Best elements of each of those. Very fresh and green.

    I had Wall Street. Liked it at first, but it never really grew on me. It was very soapy and clean, but became cloying after a few hours on me. I sold it.

    Still have Central Park. It's another great green scent that I will use a lot in the warmer months. Has a much sweeter, herbal component than Riverside. My wife loves it.

    I also lucked into a 1.7 OZ Hamptons off Ebay for $75 ($10 shipping). Looking forward to trying that out.

    So, 2 out of 3 are keepers so far!

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    Default Re: Recent Bond No. 9 Experiences

    I recommend you sample Bleecker Street and New Haarlem. Out of all the Bond scents I've tried, those two stood out the most to me. But those price tags are very discouraging.

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